Wednesday, June 10, 2015


101 CRESCENZO'S BEDROOM. When the adventurers enter this room from Room 100, the magic mouths will stop singing and they will instead hear the sound of the Empyrean harp playing. The magic mouths will welcome and resume singing when the characters return to Room 100.

A table is near the north wall. Beside it is a hamper holding dirty linen. A wardrobe to the west holds clothing sized to fit a man of slender build. Four huge candelabra with tall gray beeswax candles are here. A fireplace is against the south wall and a bed is against the east wall. The walls are hung with paintings of Crescenzo Triskelion in black and white formal wear. Crescenzo appears as a middle aged man with thin brown hair. There are three stained glass windows in the southeastern wall. The first window is decorated with a harp, the second a silver horn, and the third with a small three stringed lute. 

On the table are seven metal flutes, three wooden recorders, a sack-but, several drums, a Fochlucan bandore, a silver horn of Valhalla, and the Empyrean harp.

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