Thursday, November 30, 2017


33LLL SAFE ROOM. All the furnishings of the bedroom are immaculately clean and pure white. No monsters will appear here or follow characters into this room.

The closet holds a white robe. Any person wearing the robe is at +1 to hit and undead, and -1 to be hit by them. If a good cleric or paladin wears the robe then they turn undead as one level higher.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


33KKK SECRET ROOM. This small room has a peephole into Room 33III. A small table is against the west wall.

If the eyes from the peephole are removed, the person will be looking through the devil picture from Room 33III. Room 33KKK is in a similar time anomaly as Room 33JJJ, so the adventurer will be looking at Room 33III from the future, the past or an alternate reality. Roll 1d10 to indicate what the adventurer sees, or make up your own:

What is seen
Hender and Harlow Hollow are here, smoking, drinking, and having a bantering pretend argument.
A masked man comes into the room, pulls up a floorboard and deposits a sack under it. If the adventurers return to Room 33III and pull up the same floorboard, they will find a diamond worth 5000 gold crescents and the bones of a human hand.
The adventurer sees his own party entering Room 33III, looking around and stealing the sheets.
A grotesque dance of skeletons and beheaded zombies. The floor is covered with gore.
Hender and Hollow are engaged in amorous pursuits.
Figures are in the room, but they are moving so quickly that it is impossible to make out what they are doing, apparently there is a time flux.
The room is empty of occupants.
Hinny Hollow is sleeping in the Room alone. She suddenly wakes up, stares at the character behind the painting and screams. The room goes dark.
Harlan Hollow is here and the normal furniture has been replaced with a simple table. Harlan is expertly disassembling a bloated corpse with a dagger. Occasionally he takes a nibble from a soft part.
A man cowers in the corner, suddenly the door opens, a giant green hand and arm (so large that there is no way they could fit in Hollow House properly) reaches in a snatches the man. Amid his screams he is dragged into the hall. There are sloppy gurgling noises and then all is quiet.

Note that is is impossible to interact with what one sees in Room 33III from 33KKK unless time-defying measures such as a wish spell are used. If some characters are actually in Room 33III while thers are watching from the painting, the viewer will either not see them, or they will appear as ghostly transparent figures (DM's choice)

The table holds a pair of eyes of charming. These may be taken from this room and Room 33JJJ without fear of them disappearing.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


33JJJ TIME HAUNTED ROOM. This room is operating under an unusual time anomaly. Each time this room is entered, roll a 1d8 to see how the room appears, each appearance representing a different time in the room's existence. The only constant in the room is the painting of a barbed devil face on the south wall overlying the secret door.

1 Empty Room. This room is empty except for the painting. Outside the window it is snowing.

2 Crates. Storage crates are piled up here. Among the straw they hold are pots and pans, vases and urns. Outside it is autumn.

3 Girl's Bedroom. The room is decorated with bedroom furniture sized for a girl of about 8 years old. The wallpaper, bedsheets, etc. are all in pink. A doll house is here, having the same above-the-ground floorplan as Hollow House. There are action figures and dolls representing a werewolf, mummy, zombie, skeleton, vampire, unicorn, and princess. The unicorn doll has the word 'Excelsior' engraved on its back. If it is taken out of the house and the word 'Excelsior' is spoken in its presence it will become and real unicorn and serve for one day before leaving forever. Outside is night time.

4 Coffins. The room holds dozens of cheap pine coffins. Each holds a mouldering corpse. Outside the sky is bright purple and the sun is huge.

5 Marionette. The room holds a wooden clown marionette with broken teeth and missing eyes. If the room is left, reentered, and this room is found again, the marionette will be in a different place and position each time. Outside it is bright daylight.

6 Art Gallery. In addition to the barbed devil painting, there are paintings of men and women with pronounced physical deformities (harelip, hunchback, microcephaly, total agnathia, etc.)

7 Helga's Room. It is furnished as a bedroom in all dark colors grays and blacks. Though the furniture appears austere, the cushions and bed are surprisingly comfortable and all the furnishings are made of fine material. A writing desk is here holding Helga Hollow's diary. The early writings have to do with financial matters, especially debts owed to her by various persons, including Triskelion family members. The last few weeks of the diary, dated from about three years ago, have to do with Helga encountering a new lover, who she meets at night but whose face she can never see. The penultimate page is a assignation to meet her lover downstairs. The final page is an illusionist scroll of continual darkness, suggestion, and summon shadow. Outside it is dark and stormy.

8 Textured Room. The walls, ceilings, and floors have been replaced with some kind of firm but flexible material with varied rough geometric and corrugated patterns. Outside of each window is a huge eye with purple bulging veins and red iris. Each eye takes up the whole space of the window, making the viewer unable to see around it.

Attempting to break or open one of the windows will cause a temporal flux, with the outside time rushing into the room through the open window. This will open the door, push the characters out in the hallway, and close the door. Characters in the room will take 1d4 damage each.

Removing any items from the room, other than the magic unicorn doll or the magic scroll will cause them to disappear in 1d4 rounds, to be found again in Room 33JJJ when the correct iteration is visited.

The secret door to Room 33KKK will open if the painting is taken off the wall.

Monday, November 27, 2017


33III BEDROOM. Two large paintings adorn the north wall. One is on the closet door, the other is on the wall that this room shares with Room 33KKK. The first depicts the face of a handsome man, the second that of a barbed devil. (This painting can be used to spy on the occupants of Room 33III from 33KKK.

The bed is decorated with green sheets and blankets with cloth of gold trim, worth 200 gold crescents total.

Sunday, November 26, 2017


33HHH LION IN WAIT. This room holds a large stuffed lion, posed as if resting. In the corner is an old brass spittoon holding 74 gold crescents.

After the characters leave the room, the lion will animate and follow the characters. It can move silently as a 12th level thief (94%). It will wait to attack until the characters have another encounter, preferring to attack from behind.

Lion (AC 5/6; MV 12”; HD 5+2; hp 25; #AT 2 claws and 1 bite; D 1-4/1-4/1-10; SA Rear claws for 2-7/2-7; SD Surprised only on a 1, move silently; XP 450)

Saturday, November 25, 2017


33GGG THE SEER OF THE CRYSTAL. A small round table is in the center of the room. Placed upon the table is a long purple tablecloth, a purple pillow and a crystal ball, like the magic item but containing a smoky purple eye.

This object may be used exactly as a crystal ball, with the device providing commentary about what the magic-user is viewing. Are percentile chances associated with this ball are double normal with regard to observing, and casting detect spells. Furthermore, the ball will allow the user to talk with the subject observed, if desired.

The ball may not be removed from the room. In fact if an attempt is made to take it, it will be revealed that the circular table is not really a table at all, but the seven foot tall body of a creature, so thin as to be skeletal with a warty purple skin. It wears a round collar simulating the table-top and it is crouched under the cloth. It will stand up and demand the characters leave or if attacked, it will defend itself.

Crystal Ball Monster (AC 3; MV 15"; HD 8; hp 36; #AT 1 fist; D 1d12; SD Travel dimensions; MR 55%; XP 1010)

This is actually a creature from another dimension. It has come to try to learn about people and uses its extreme clairaudience and clairvoyance powers to observe the interactions between the people of this world. It has infinite patience so it can wait in this room for years but it hates having its head grabbed. The creature should be considered to have an intelligence score of 24 and a lawful neutral alignment. It has perfect memory so it doesn't need to take notes. If being defeated badly it will transport itself back to its home dimension.

Friday, November 24, 2017


33FFF STORAGE ROOM. Assorted pieces of unused furniture clutter this room. Among the useless bits is a gold goblet decorated with blue-green faience to simulate eyes. It is worth 350 gold crescents but any liquid placed within it turns to blood.

Thursday, November 23, 2017


33EEE LAUNDRY ROOM. This room is equipped with tubs, a water faucet, and a clothesline holding white draped sheets. But they aren't actually sheets they are restless dead shaped like sheets with round black eyes and smiling mouths like cartoon ghost.

3 Restless Dead "Sheet Ghosts" (AC 8; MV 15"; HD 3; hp 14 each; #AT 1; D 1-4; SD Smother; SD Limited spell immunity; XP 132 each)

If sheet ghost hits it will wrap itself over the head of its target. Each round after that it will do an automatic 1d4 points of damage and the character will begin to smother as if drowning.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


33DDD BROOM CLOSET. This small room holds several brooms and mops. One of the brooms is a broom of flying.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


33CCC MAN OF STIRGE. This room holds a handsome young man wearing clothes about thirty years out-of-date. The rest of the room is furnished as a lounge, with couches, chairs, small tables, and a bar.

The young man will appear pleasantly surprised by the appearance of the characters. He will open his mouth as if to greet them, but then his mouth will open wider and wider and as stirge begin to emerge from this orifice his body will crumple like a sack to the floor.

13 Stirge (AC 8; MV 3”/18”; HD 1+1; hp 6 each; #AT 1 bite; D 1-3; SA Drain blood, attack as 4 hit dice monster; XP 48 each)

1d4 stirge will emerge each round, until all thirteen are present. The body without the stirge is just a husk of skin and has no powers, although it does wear a silver bracelet (45 gold crescents).

The bottles in the bar are empty, except one which contains a potion of extra-healing. A small box on the bar countertop holds 13 fine cigars, valued at 10 gold crescents each.

Monday, November 20, 2017


33BBB FOOTMANS' QUARTERS. As the room is entered, fours skeletons break off from their neverending vocation of polishing boots. The skeletons will reach for any adventurers wearing boots. If allowed the boots, the skeletons will polish them (ruining them unfortunately). If attacked the skeletons will fight back.

4 Skeletons (AC 7; MV 12"; HD 1; hp 8 each; #AT 1; D 1-6; SD Sharp weapons score half damage only, limited spell immunity; XP 22 each)

In the rib cage of one of the skeletons is a golden spoon engraved with the initial 'H' (50 gold crescents).

Sunday, November 19, 2017


33AAA SECRET PASSAGE. This passage travels to the mausoleum located in the cemetery just to the north of Hollow House.

Saturday, November 18, 2017


33ZZ SECRET ROOM. This room holds a small desk, an oil lamp, and a bed.

On the desk is a treatise on demonology and diabolism positing Hell as a great walled city surrounded by wilderness inhabited by demons. The last page is a scroll of protection from demons. The book is worth 13000 gold crescents with the scroll intact, 500 with it removed. If sold to an evil cleric of substantial financial means, it is worth 14000 or 1500, respectively.

Friday, November 17, 2017


33YY MAIDS' QUARTERS. Three nooses hang from the rafters of this bedroom, furnished to accommodate a dozen maids. There are dozens of desks, wardrobes, and dressers.

The nooses are inhabited by restless dead. Each sways in its own pattern, and if the room is searched, the adventurers will notice that when viewed from the corner of the eye, the nooses each appear to contain a female figure. These women would be pretty except their faces are bluish purple and their tongues are engorged and protruding. On direct inspection, the nooses will appear to be empty. If any of the dressers, etc. are opened, the nooses will attack.

3 Nooses, Restless Dead (AC 10; MV 0"; HD 4; hp 18 each; #AT 1; D 1-8; SD Strangle; SD Limited spell immunity; XP 197 each)

The nooses attack by trying to throw themselves about the neck. If they succeed in a to hit roll, they will strangle the next round and each subsequent round, doing 2-16 points of damage automatically. The nooses are supernatural and can stretch to any place in the room, and even another ten feet out of the room.

Hidden in the bottom of one of the wardrobes is a miniature golden casket the size of a shoebox (1700 gold crescents). It contains dozens of tiny wooden coffins each of which holds the body of a cockroach or mouse, tucked in under a blanket as if put to bed. There is a hidden bottom on the casket holding a magic-user spell scroll with passwall, project image, and stone to flesh.

Thursday, November 16, 2017


33XX SERVANTS' DINING ROOM. Six diners sit at a table. They are all footmen and maids and each has their eyes and tongue cut out and placed on the dinner plate in front of them. Their jaws are pulled down as with massive force so they appear grotesquely enlarged. The corpses hands are each palm up and touching the underside of the table.

The table is the method to open the secret door. The legs of the table are sunken into grooves on the floor and if the table is raised (this will normally take more than one person, acting on opposite sides of the table) the secret door will swing open.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


33WW CELLAR DOORS. The doors at the top of the staircase lead to the side of the house. The are made of iron and barred on the outside and from the inside a heavy chain and padlock are present.

One of the golden keys will open the door, but the bar must be broken for egress.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


33VV FESTIVAL OF GHOULS. Seventeen ghouls surround a gold idol and wallow in the central portion of the room, which is depressed fifteen feet lower than the rim of floor that is at the level of the door. A net suspended from the ceiling holds vast numbers of corpses, creating a overpowering odor of rotting flesh and providing the ghouls with a slow feast as one or two fall through the net every few minutes.

17 Ghouls (AC 6; MV 9"; HD 2; hp 9 each; #AT 2 claws, 1 bite; D 1-3/1-3/1-6; SA Paralysis; SD Limited spell immunity; XP 83 each)

The golden idol stands five feet tall, but is supported on a pedestal so it dominates the room. It resembles a human embryo with pointed teeth. Its eyes are rubies and it is worth 14000 gold crescents and weighs 10000 gp weight.

Monday, November 13, 2017


33UU CHAMBER OF LOST SOULS. This room is uncomfortably cold. There is a thin ledge (about three feet wide) surrounding the central pit. Spectral forms scream and moan as they fly about the room and deeper in the pit. A pillar extends out of the pit, supporting a throne holding a four-armed skeleton wearing a golden crown.

Four-Armed Skeleton (AC 7; MV 9”; HD 3; hp 18; #AT 2; D 1-10/1-10; SD Sharp weapons score half damage only, limited spell immunity; XP 104)

The skeleton cannot attack from its position. If it is attacked and defeated, it will fall off its throne and the crown (2000 gold crescents) will be lost.

The pit is bottomless. Any person who falls in is unrecoverable short of a wish. The spectral forms are impotent. They will try to attack adventurers attempting the crown, but they will pass through characters' bodies without harm.

Sunday, November 12, 2017


33TT THE GOLDEATER. An undead creature stumbles about this place. IHis arms and legs are skinny and his neck and face show skin stretched tight over his skull and vertebrae, but his belly is so swollen that it mimics pregnancy. This is the goldeater and he was obsessed with gold in life. He can smell gold and will attack the person carrying the most gold with the intention of killing them and taking their gold, which it will then swallow. If noone is carrying any gold he will ignore intruders.

The Goldeater, Restless Dead (AC 5; MV 12”; HD 4+3; hp 22; #AT 2 claws and 1 bite; D 1-4/1-4/1-6; SA Paralysis; SD Silver or magic weapons to hit, limited spell immunity; XP 390)

It paralyses as a ghast. Inside the goldeater's abdominal cavity are 3653 gold coins. They are decorated with an 'H' on one side and a skull on the opposite.

Saturday, November 11, 2017


33SS ROOM OF FOUR DOORS. The stairs go down thirty feet. The skeleton of an adventurer lies supine on the floor. It is dressed in rusted plate armor. Within a cheap scabbard is a long sword decorated with a gold hilt and tiny semi-precious stones worth 440 gold crescents.

Friday, November 10, 2017


33RR THE RED DOOR. Though the party may enter this room as a group, after entry each character will find themselves alone in the room.

A dim flickering light is present within the room, causing shadows to move on the walls. The shadows are indistinct when viewed directly, but from the corner of the eye they take on deformed manlike shapes. The opposite door is the color of fresh blood.

The character will be aware that the thing they fear most is behind that door. Certain death, damnation, eternal torture, or worse exists just beyond that door.

Each player should be pulled aside and told this information and allowed to choose whether to enter the red door or not. Non-player characters must pass a morale save in order to do so.

Those characters who do enter the door find themselves in Room 33SS. Those who do not will remain in the hallway at the door to Room 33RR. Once a character attempted this trial they may not enter Room 33RR again, instead they will find themselves losing about a minute of time and ending up in the hallway again.

Characters who pass this trial and enter Room 33SS may come back this way again, but they will bypass Room 33RR and end up in the hallway. At that point, they too may never again try to enter Room 33RR.

Thursday, November 9, 2017


33QQ THE BOTTOM OF THE STAIRS. A nightmare figure waits in this room. It appears to be a middle aged man dressed as a clown from the neck down. He would be handsome, but his mouth is too large, his smile too disturbing, and his teeth rotten and yellow-brown. The maul he carries is comically over-large and its business end is covered with dried blood. High pitched screams come from the sack he is holding. He opens it and offers a lollipop to the party. It has the head of a screaming child.

The Creepy Clown. Restless Dead (AC 5; MV 12"; HD 6+6; hp 33; #AT 1; D 1d12; SA Weakness; SD Limited spell immunity; XP 789)

The clown's breath smells of rotting flesh and any person in melee with him must save vs spells or be overcome by weakness (50% normal strength) for the duration of the fight. The maul is actually plated with gold and decorated with semi-precious stones on its handle. It is worth 400 gold crescents. The clown has 12 lollipops total. If the clown is destroyed they will turn into terrified real human boys and girls aged 2 to 5 years.

The stairs lead up to 33S.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


33PP CORPSE RIDER. A pale obese figure rides in an endless circle upon the backs of a dozen zombies. In the center of the circle is a throne holding a golden figure. If the circle is breached, or if the the corpse rider or its zombies are attacked, they will move to attack the party. Otherwise they will ignore intruders.

12 Zombies (AC 8; MV 6"; HD 2; hp 9 each; #AT 1; D 1-8; SA Always lose initiative; SD Limited spell immunity; XP 38 each)

The Corpse Rider, Restless Dead (AC 6; MV 1"; HD 8; hp 36; #AT 0; D Nil; SA Spit corrosive from nostrils for 1d12; SD Limited spell immunity, corrosive blood; XP 1185)

The corpse rider is so impossibly corpulent that it is impossible to distinguish original gender. The arms and legs have rolls of clammy, flabby tissue and even the face has so much excess flesh that no eyes or mouth is visible, Instead the long, prehensile nose moves about like an antenna, able to pinpoint the position of any person in the room. It is able to spit an acidic substance from this obscene organ anywhere in the room. The blood of the corpse rider is also acidic, and any weapons striking it must make a saving throw vs acid (see page 80 of the Dungeon Master's Guide). Any character killed by the corpse rider will rise as a zombie.

The zombies will move to protect the corpse rider as they carry it, so there is a 3 in 6 chance that any strike that is aimed at and hits the corpse rider will actually hit a random zombie. Because the zombies are busy carrying the corpse rider, only one out of every two will be able to attack at any time. They can move at there normal rate (6") as long as 8 are still functional. For every two destroyed after that, the rate decreases by 1".

The floor where the group walks is stained red and black from the blood and effluvia of the rotting zombies.

On the throne is a humanoid figure made from golden wire (600 gold crescents worth) and bearing a large ruby at the center of the forehead (5000 gold crescents). The figure acts as a cage for about 40 naked human-like figures, each about an inch tall. These tiny living beings show deformities such hunchbacks, extra eyes, and malformed limbs. Each being in a state of extreme lethargy, but if the ruby is removed they will begin bloodily cannibalizing each other until only a few are left, so bloated that they cannot move.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


33OO. THIRSTY STATUE. The room is dominated by the statue of a humanoid being with amorphous features. Its mouth is the size of a human head and wide open. A heavy stone goblet is in its right hand.

If holy water is poured into the goblet, the statue will take a drink from it and transform into a white shimmering figure that will heal the characters, remove any curses, cure blindness, cure disease, and so on until the characters are free of any afflictions. It will then bless the characters so that they will be at +1 on to hit rolls and saving throws for the remainder of the time they spend in Hollow House. The person who poured the holy water will immediately level up (if multiclass all classes will level up). It will then dissolve into thousands of golden motes of light and ascend through the ceiling.

If unholy water is poured into the goblet, the statue will take a drink. It will then crack apart and a dark shadowy form will speak to the character who poured the water in the voice of a child, "Give me the name of your enemy and I will bring ruin to them."

The owner of the next specific name that the character utters will be targeted by this creature, a shadow demon. Saying 'Bill', for example, will not trigger the attack, unless the character means a specific Bill. The demon will use its special abilities and attack modes to locate and to kill the person named.

Shadow Demon (AC 9, 5, or 1; MV 12”; HD 7+3; hp 38; #AT 2 claws and 1 bite; D 1-6/1-6/1-8; SA Initial leap, magic use, increased to hit in darkness; SD Immune to cold, fire, lightning, resistance to damage in darkness; XP 1205)

Other liquids poured into the goblet will have no effect.

Monday, November 6, 2017


33NN HOLY FONT. The fountain in this room is made of black marble. It holds holy water, but there is a crack in it so much has leaked out – 56 vials worth remain.

Sunday, November 5, 2017


33MM UNHOLY FONT. The fountain in the center of the room is full of dirty stagnant unholy water – 600 vials worth. In the center of the fountain is a white marble statue of a cherub which bleeds from its angelic eyes.

If the fountain are 74 gold coins, decorated with an 'H' on one side and a skull on the opposite.

Saturday, November 4, 2017


33LL THE IMPRISONED. The pit from Room 33KK deposits the characters in the southern portion of the room. The whole place is cold, though not cold enough to do physical harm. It smells of rotting flesh.

In the northern portion of the chamber is a throne made of twisted blackened metal. Sitting upon it a skeleton with a platinum spike driven through its right eye and out the back of its skull. Platinum shackles adorn its hand and feet, keeping it fast to the throne.

Piles of gold coins (10523 in total) surround the throne. The gold coins are unusual. Each has an 'H' on one side and a skull on the opposite.

If the spike from the skull is removed, the skeleton will break its shackles stand up and take out its centuries of frustration.

The Imprisoned, Restless Dead (AC 3; MV 12”; HD 10; hp 50; #AT 2; D See below; SD Limited spell immunity; XP 2200)

The imprisoned is immune to spells that affect undead. As the battle continues it will get more powerful gaining first blood vessels, then muscles, and finally dark red skin over its body. Its damage will increase. While its hit dice does not increase, its chances to hit will improve.

Effective Hit Dice for to hit rolls
Bone only
Blood vessels
Organs appear
5 and after
Skin covers body

The platinum spike is worth 1000 gold crescents. The shackles and chains are worth 300 gold crescents in total.

Friday, November 3, 2017


33KK BONE WARDEN. The stairs lead down about thirty feet. The room has a vaulted forty foot ceiling with a green glow coming from the apex. There is a thirty foot diameter circle in the floor. The stones outside the circle are gray, while inside they are green and piled with human skeletal remains. A pit is in the very center of the circle.

If the circle is entered, the bones will gather together into a towering amalgam humanoid figure.

Bone Warden, Restless Dead (AC 4; MV 12”; HD 8+4; hp 40; #AT 2; D 2-16/2-16; SA Fireball, cone of cold; SD Limited spell immunity; XP 2180)

The Bone Warden is immune to spells that do not affect other undead. It has four arms, and one can shoot fire (as a wand of fire fireball) while the other can shoot cold (as a wand of frost cone of cold). With the other two arms it can strike in melee.

If the Bone Warden is defeated, it will leave behind a wand of fire and a wand of frost. Each will look like a human ulna and have 70 charges minus 2 for each attack made by that type during the battle. The green glow is coming from a huge sapphire (8500 gold crescents value) which radiates green light like a continual light spell.

The air coming from the pit is bitter cold and smells of putrescent rotting flesh. It leads down forty feet to Room 33LL.

Thursday, November 2, 2017


33JJ FAMILY CRYPTS. The stone walls of this long hall hold niches where the bodies of Hollow family members are interred. Each niche is marked by the family members given name, which invariably begins with an 'H'.

The ceiling begins at ten feet, and then slopes gradually until it is only four feet at the extreme end. As the hall is traversed, the niches begin to get smaller and are placed closer to the floor. An examination of the bones will show a steady decrease in the height of the skeletons, with the oldest only having a stature of two feet or so. There are also curious deformities in the most ancient skulls – small horns, serrated pointy teeth, and overlarge jaws being some of the most striking.

The door at the far end is made of stone and difficult to move, a bend bars/ lift gates roll being required to open it. It is decorated with black symbols that seem to quiver slightly and induce a feeling of nausea when observed too closely.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017


33II TREASURE CACHE. This room is long, narrow, and cramped, about five feet wide and with a five foot ceiling. The room is choked with thick rusty iron wire and a silver casket (500 gold crescents value) decorated with a skull is at the end. It holds 6032 gold coins and a diminutive skeleton that looks like it would stand about two feet high. The bones are warped and twisted, however, giving it a demonic appearance. Wrapped around the skull is a silver crown (300 gold crescents). It is tightly adhered to the bone, as if there ws no room for flesh and skin in life, and the skull must be smashed to remove the crown.

The gold coins are unusual. Each has an 'H' on one side and a skull on the opposite.

Inside the skull of the small skeleton there is a black felt bag holding 30 silver pieces of a strange design and a cursed black pearl of wisdom (reversed to cause loss of one point of wisdom).