Tuesday, January 31, 2017


13 UNDERPASS. The path slopes down to pass under the wall here. A green slime clings to the underside of the wall.

Green Slime (AC 8; MV 0”; HD 2; hp ; #AT 1 (drip); D Turn to slime in 1-4 rounds; SA Corrosive properties; XP 610 + 2/hp)

Monday, January 30, 2017


12 CENTRAL TRISKELION STATUE. This statue is of a laughing man with a staff. A bone bracelet is on his staff, it is decorated with the face of an vulture in brass. It will detect as magic with a auras of divination and alteration. Anyone who looks through the hole of the bracelet will see bird heads on any beings within their vision (provided that is a living being who actually possesses a head). It can be sold for 250 gold crescents.

Sunday, January 29, 2017


11 ARCHWAY. This archway is equipped with a rusty portcullis raised to its maximum height. It is loose and each person that walks beneath shakes the ground just a little bit. It has a 1 in 6 chance of falling per person, doing 1d6+1 damage. Once it falls, a lift gates roll must be made to raise it again manually.

Saturday, January 28, 2017


10E PRISON. The ceiling of this room has a very high ceiling which tapers to a pyramidal shape, as it is the highest floor in the tower. A seventeen foot tall woman stands here. She has gold skin, four arms, and tendril-like silver hair each strand of which is thick as a man's finger. She is blind folded with a gold cloth and is bound by her wrists and ankles with huge metal shackles and chains to thick moorings on the floor.

Caprice, Chaotic good enchanted life form (AC 2; MV 21”/24”; HD 17; hp 86; #AT 1; D 7-42; SA Spell use, psionics; SD Resist air-based damage; MR 60%; S 24, I 17, W 16, D 16, C 24, Ch 19; XP 9150)

Cleric Spells:
Augury, Cure Light wounds, Detect Lie, Dispel Magic, Neutralize Poison, Protection From Evil, Remove Curse, Resist Fire

Magic user spells:
Confusion, Forget, Friends, Haste, Hold Monster, Ice Storm, Mirror Image, Shocking Grasp, Slow, Wall Of Force

Psionic Ability: 134

Attack/ Defense Modes: B,C,D,E/ Immune to psionics

She was created out of magic and elemental forces several hundred years ago by a powerful group of Triskelion wizards led by Boniface and Astrid Triskelion in a attempt to make a being that was strong as a titan and who had the powers of a djinn. Rebelling against the selfish wishes of her creators and yearning for freedom, she attempted to fight and escape. Using their combined mighty magics, the Triskelions bound her and forced here into this tower until they could think of a way to force her to their will. They placed the challenges in the lower levels so that only they could enter back into this room, thinking in their arrogance that only they could solve the Tests. Eventually the wizards quarreled among themselves, as is their way. The tower's original purpose was forgotten after hundreds of years and the entry passage was tunneled into and replaced with the burrows of the ghost spiders.

Caprice has the djinn's resistance to air-based attacks and can fly at will. She has the same ability as a djinn to create food, drink, soft or wooden items, and metal items. If she is freed from her shackles (this requires only the removal of a pin from each of the six moorings) she will be profoundly grateful. She will grant each of her rescuers a wish and then smash a hole in the wall and fly away.

Her blindfold is made of cloth of gold and worth 300 gold crescents. Her chains and shackles appear flimsy but are made by dwarves out of platinum, mithril, and infernal silver and strong enough to hold a titan. They are worth 20,000 gold crescents and weigh only 1000 gp weight in total.

After the room has been entered, the door will turn green. Taking it will lead to Room 10A and the green door will then disappear. Once the tower trial has been completed, the old man in Room 10A will no longer appear.

Friday, January 27, 2017


10D TEST OF GREED. An old man sits behind a desk in the center of the room. He looks just like the old man from Room 10A. No doors except the red door are present when the room is first entered.

Sacks of coins are sitting in front of the old man. He will offer sacks of gold if the participants give up the trial of the tower. The number of gold crescents will be 1000 X the level of the highest level character among the participants. Each participant will receive that amount. The old man is not corporeal, being only a programmed magical effect, and cannot be attacked normally.

If the participants agree to take the gold or just grab it, a green door will appear behind the old man. It leads to Room 10A.

If the participants refuse the gold, the old man will turn into a purple being that looks like the other tests. A purple door will appear that leads to Room 10E.

Thursday, January 26, 2017


10C TEST OF FAITH. This room holds the Test of Faith. He greatly resembles the other two tests but has crimson skin. Like the Test of the Mind, he is not corporeal. He stands in front of two white doors and says that the left hand one is the correct door. He will invite them to choose a door.

He is telling the truth. If the party tries to open the left door, it will turn red and lead them to Room 10D. If the right door is picked, it will turn green. The left door will disappear and the green door will lead to Room 10A.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


10B TEST OF THE MIND. Upon exiting the yellow door from Room 10A, the participants in the tower climb will find themselves in a vast maze of transparent walls of magical force, like the maze spell. Each participant will think they are alone. They may give up and return to Room 10A by exiting the yellow door, which they will always be able to find or they may find their way through the maze which will take a certain time based upon their intelligence:

Up to 3
2 to 8 turns
3 to 5
1 to 4 turns
6 to 8
5 to 20 rounds
9 to 11
4 to 16 rounds
12 to 14
3 to 12 rounds
15 to 17
2 to 8 rounds
18 and above
1 to 4 rounds

Upon escaping the maze, the participant will find himself or herself in Room 10B as it really appears. If others are still trapped in the maze, the finisher can see them walking about feeling invisible walls, but they can not be disturbed or brought out of this trance-like state until they solve the maze.

The finisher will be greeted by a creature resembling the Test of the Body. This is the Test of the Mind and looks very much like the other but has skin the color of blueberries. He is incoporeal, a powerful programmed illusion with auditory and visual capabilities and an ability to interact with characters. It will ask a question and the correct answer is required to move on to Room 10C.

The finisher may wait for any additional party members to solve the maze or he or she may answer the question right away. If the participant elects to answer alone, the conversation with the Dungeon Master should be private.

The question will be one of the following (DM choice or make up your own):

Question 1:
It occurs once in a minute
It occurs twice in a moment
And never in ten thousand years.

Answer 1: The letter 'M'

Question 2:
Which of these math problems is impossible:

2m + 4n + 8 = (2m)(4n)

2x + 3y + 10 = 4x + 6y +14

3a + 4b = 5c

Answer 2: 2x + 3y + 10 = 4x + 6y +14. If the variables are eliminated the constants do not equal each other.

Question 3:
There is one word that is the most difficult in all of the world.
Spell it and I will let you pass.

Answer 3: Spell the word it: 'I T'.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


10A TEST OF THE BODY. The door to this room from Corridor 9I is made of brown wood. A wizened old man with long white hair and watery eyes sits behind a desk in the center of the room. When the room is first entered the two other doors seen on the map (green and yellow) are not present.

The man will look up from sheets of papers and ask the party members if they would like to trial the test of the tower. If any would like to participate, they may sign their names with a black pen on one of the sheets of paper in front of the man. If they look they will see there are already about fifty or so signatures on the page, and each has been crossed out.

If the party attacks the man, their weapons will pass through him and he will seem to be unaffected by all attacks. He is actually a complicated programmed enchantment, like a magic mouth or high level illusionist magic.

If party members agree to participate and sign their names, the old man will swell up to impressive proportions, gaining large amounts of muscle, height, small horns, and a lemon color to his skin, looking much like an yellow efreet. Meanwhile, the desk, chair, pen, and papers will turn to yellow smoke and disappear.

Test of the Body (AC See below; MV 12"; HD See below; hp See below; #AT 2 fists; D 1-8/1-8; SD Limited spell immunity; XP See below)

He will fight as a Fighter of the same level as the highest level that a tower climbing participant has, will have maximum hit points for that level, and the same armor class as the best among the participants. He is an enchantment made into a physical body and is immune to sleep, charm, hold and other mind affecting spells. He can be affected by dispel magic, but he should be considered as a 18th level magical effect for this purpose. Compute his experience point value as if he had a character class.

Any party members, familiars, pets, henchmen, etc. who do not sign their names will not be able to fight him. Their attacks will simply pass through his body without doing harm.

Upon the defeat of the Test of the Body, a yellow door will appear on the north wall. Those who have signed their names will be able to pass through the yellow door. If anyone who has not signed their name tries to enter the yellow door, they will instead find themselves walking back into this room through the green door, which will materialize for this purpose. If they try to walk back through the green door they will walk back into the room through the yellow door. In this way the room will try to thwart non-participants.

Monday, January 23, 2017


10 GRAY TOWER. This tower is of the same gray dressed stone as the main castle and connects to the castle by a wall. It appears to be about twenty five feet tall and rises to a pyramidal peak, like an obelisk. From the outside it is not accessible in the conventional manner and is surrounded by hedges. It can be reached by the burrows at Area 9. Any person using a passwall, teleport, or other means of entry will find themselves in Room 10A instead of a higher floor, even if they try flying to the peak and using passwall there.

Inside, the Gray Tower is actually five floors, one of which is underground. The other four floors can be reached by magical portals leading from one to another. The tower is larger on the inside than it is on the outside and the ceiling of each room is ten feet.

The tower was built as a prison for an artificial life form, which is located in Room 10E.

Sunday, January 22, 2017


9I PASSAGE TO THE TOWER. This passage is about 8 feet wide by 8 feet tall and is made of worked gray stone. It leads to Room 10A.

Saturday, January 21, 2017


9H ROYAL CHAMBER. This chamber holds a queen ghost spider and her two spider attendants. These two ghost spiders will attack with great ferocity, +2 to hit and +2 to damage, to defend the queen.

Rathzillah, Ghost Spider Queen (AC 5; MV 15” + 9” hop; HD 6+3; hp 35; #AT 1 bite; D 2-5; SA Jump, spit acid; Size L; XP 400 + 8/hp)

2 Ghost Spiders (AC 5; MV 15” + 9” hop; HD 3+3; hp 17, 13; #AT 1 bite; D 2-5; SA Jump, spit acid; XP 209, 177)

The queen can speak as well as any man. She has laid dozens of grapefruit-sized eggs in the south alcove. The eggs will not hatch if the ghost spider queen does not sit on them periodically. Here she also keeps her treasure: 4 gems (1 ruby, 5000 gold crescents; 1 pearl 1000 gold crescents; 1 bloodstone, 160 gold crescents; and 1 eye agate, 60 gold crescents) and a silver jewelery box (150 gold crescents) holding 58 silver spanners and a silver whistle (50 gold crescents).

Friday, January 20, 2017


9G NEST. This area is crawling with spiders. There are three ghost spiders and thirteen spiderlings, each about the size of a housecat.

3 Ghost Spiders (AC 5; MV 15” + 9” hop; HD 3+3; hp 20, 13, 12; #AT 1 bite; D 2-5; SA Jump, spit acid; XP 205, 177, 173)

13 Ghost Spiderlings (AC 8; MV 3"; HD 1 hit point; hp 1 each; #AT 1 bite; D 1; XP 6 each)

Thursday, January 19, 2017



FREQUENCY: Very rare
MOVE: 6”@12”
% IN LAIR: 50%
TREASURE TYPE: U (jewelry only), V
SPECIAL DEFENSES: Save at 4 levels higher
SAVE: As above
ALIGNMENT: Lawful good
SIZE: S (2' + tall)
LEVEL/ X.P. VALUE: I/ 10 + 1/hp
With missile weapon I/ 14 + 1/hp

As with surface gnomes, tree gnomes live in tribes or clans. For every 30 tree gnomes encountered a fighter will be present (roll 1d6, 1-3 = 2nd level, 4-5 = 3rd level, 6 = 4th level). If more than 120 tree gnomes are present there will be in addition one 5th level fighter and one 3rd level fighter acting as champion and assistant. If encountered in their lair, there will be the following additional individuals: 1-6 fighters of 2nd level, 1-4 illusionists of 1st to 5th level, a tree gnome fighter king of 6th level, and young gnomes equal to the number of adults. Female tree gnomes are equal in fighting ability to males and are included in the number appearing. Tree gnomes live in the canopy of temperate to subarctic forests, building small village on platforms made from woven branches and plant fibers.

Tree gnomes normally wear armor made from plant bark. Those with a shield will have armor class 7. They are usually armed as follows:

dagger, wooden shield, and short bow 15%
short sword 15%
dagger, wooden shield, and sling 15%
dagger and wooden shield 35%
club and wooden shield 20%

Because of their small size, tree gnomes must use short swords with both hands. Tree gnomes fighters above 2nd level have a 50% chance of possessing leather armor. Tree gnome illusionists have a 10% chance per level of possessing a personal magic item of the sort usable by their class.

Tree gnomes can speak with birds and animals living in trees (sloths, monkeys, squirrels, koalas, chipmunks, etc.) If giant eagles or giant owls are in the region, the tree gnomes will have friendly relations with these monsters.

Tree gnomes have long prehensile tails, and can shoot missile weapons while hanging from a branch by their tail. They are lighter than even their size would indicate do to their hollow bones, and take half or no damage from a fall, depending on whether they make a saving throw vs paralyzation or not. Because of their tails and experience, they travel as fast in trees as a man does on the ground. Tree gnomes have the same resistance to magic and poison that gnomes do. They can not see in complete darkness below ground, but can see at night as well as a human can see in the day (ultravision). They have no mining skills and cannot craft metals, relying on trade with other demi-humans or humans for any metal goods. They love magic items, but have no use for metal coins.

Description: Tree gnomes have dark brown skin. They have white hair and blue, green, or purple eyes. Tails are tan to yellow-brown and furred. Tree gnomes prefer green or blue clothing.


9F FOOD CHAMBER. A single ghost spider guards twelve bundles of webbing which hang by spidersilk from the ceiling. Eight of the bundles contain human corpses and three contain sugar goblin corpses. One of the bundles is much smaller than the others and contains a tree gnome, Ariel Floan.

Ghost Spider (AC 5; MV 15” + 9” hop; HD 3+3; hp 24; #AT 1 bite; D 2-5; SA Jump, spit acid; XP 221)

Ariel Floan, Chaotic Good female tree gnome Fighter/ Thief (AC 7; MV 6"@12"; F2/T2; hp 1 (normally 8); #AT 1; D By weapon type; S 9, I 14, W 8, D 17, C 15, Ch 15; XP 89 (normally 117))

Thief skills: PP 40%, OL 44% F/RT 35% MS 31% HS 25% HN 20% CW 95%* RL -

* Tree gnomes have a base 95% climb walls skill due to their arboreal lifestyle and tail.

If Ariel is returned to her to her father the Gnome King at Area 26, the rescuers will be rewarded (see Area 26 for a description of the magical grove of the tree gnomes).

If the bodies are searched, 212 gold crescents, 356 silver spanners, and 412 copper pieces can be found.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


9E POOL. Two ghost spiders are here.

2 Ghost Spiders (AC 5; MV 15” + 9” hop; HD 3+3; hp 17, 15; #AT 1 bite; D 2-5; SA Jump, spit acid; XP 193, 185)

This room has a ceiling height of about seven feet. A pool of clear cool water is to the east, fed by a pipe sticking out of the south wall.

The pool of water is about three feet deep. There are hundreds of four inch long cave eels in the water, which the spiders value as food. The eels are not dangerous but will try to wriggle into the clothes of anyone who enters the water, for they are attracted to heat. A partially calcified human skeleton is under the water. Among the bones is a hermetically sealed electrum scroll tube (value 125 gold crescents) holding a scroll with the cleric spells blade barrier and stone tell.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


9D GHOST SPIDER BURROW ENTRANCE. This entry is not blocked and there is a gentle slope that leads down into the tunnels.

Monday, January 16, 2017


9C GHOST SPIDER BURROW ENTRANCE. This opening is similar to the others, but spider webbing has been spun across the outside, completely blocking it. It may be destroyed or burned, but burning will alert the spiders that there are intruders and 1d3 ghost spiders will come to seek out the intruders.

1d3 Ghost Spiders (AC 5; MV 15” + 9” hop; HD 3+3; #AT 1 bite; D 2-5; SA Jump, spit acid; XP 125 + 4/hp)

Sunday, January 15, 2017


9B GHOST SPIDER BURROW ENTRANCE. This aperture is similar to Area 9A, but the ground is treacherous and the slope is steeper. Any person entering at this site must make a saving throw versus paralyzation or slip and become entangled in a web that the spiders have placed across the tunnel at the base of the entrance, about seven feet deep. This web will hold adventurers as normal giant spider web. If it burned, it will alert 1d3 ghost spiders, who will come to investigate the smell of burning webs.

1d3 Ghost Spiders (AC 5; MV 15” + 9” hop; HD 3+3; #AT 1 bite; D 2-5; SA Jump, spit acid; XP 125 + 4/hp)

Saturday, January 14, 2017


9A GHOST SPIDER BURROW ENTRANCE. This is a round hole about six feet wide that descends gradually into the earth to a depth of about ten feet. A single ghost spider is crouched down about seven feet from the entrance.

Ghost Spider (AC 5; MV 15” + 9” hop; HD 3+3; hp 18; #AT 1 bite; D 2-5; SA Jump, spit acid; XP 197)

Friday, January 13, 2017


Ghost Spider

MOVE: 15” + 9” hop
% IN LAIR: 90%
SPECIAL ATTACKS: Jump, spit acid
SAVE: Fighter 4
ALIGNMENT: Lawful evil
SIZE: M (queen is size L)
LEVEL/ X.P. VALUE: IV/125 + 4/hp
Queen: VI/ 400 + 8/hp

The ghost spider is a form of ground-dwelling giant spider, pale in color and possessing unusual attributes. They are not undead. They are capable of manufacturing webs, which they use to bind incapacitated victims and to reinforce their burrow-like system of tunnels, for giant ghost spiders are communal, serving a queen. The webbing of these spiders is not useful in combat, but they can spin traps of web which otherwise act as giant spider web.

The bite of a giant ghost spider is not poisonous, but they can spit a stream of acid that does 2-9 hit points of damage. They are capable of doing this twice per hour. Giant ghost spiders are also capable of making a 9” jump. This hop clears up to one-third the linear distance in height and the spider can attack in mid-air at the end of the leap. This requires but a single attack. The spiders are intelligent enough to avoid using this attack against humanoid enemies who have weapons that can brace against the spider, for this is treated as a charge attack. The spiders do not jump when in their tunnels, for the ceilings are much too low.

The ghost spider queen will be the size of a small horse and have 6+3 hit dice. Otherwise her attacks do the same damage as her progeny. In the presence of the queen, ghost spiders attack at +2 to hit and to damage.


9 GHOST SPIDER BURROWS. This network houses a community of ghost spiders. The tunnels are about four feet high and four to six feet wide. They are located about ten feet below the hedge maze. These tunnels are dug out of solid earth and there is no natural light source. They are formed of packed brown dirt, but are reinforced by spider webbing and are quite stable. The tunnels are tube-like and round and strands of webbing hang from the ceiling. 

Dwarves, gnomes, halflings, and similar short adventurers can fight in the tunnels at no penalty, but persons over this size must crouch down and are at a disadvantage. Persons over four feet tall fight make saving throws at -1, and their armor class is also penalized by 1. Persons over six feet tall have double penalties. Large size creatures cannot enter the burrows.

Thursday, January 12, 2017


8S EXIT. This passage leads approximately two miles to a wooded valley in the Crim Zif range.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


8R CHASM OVER THE RIVER AISLING. The staircases leading from Room 8L ascend a total of 30 feet. As this room is approached, the sound of rushing water can be heard from the River Aisling. The room is lit by great burning torches on the north end (the two red circles) and there is also a yellow and red circular single-occupant tent. Standing astride the stone bridge is a figure clad in black plate mail with a black dragon great helm that obscures the entire face. The black knight will block any person who attempts to cross the bridge, saying, "None shall pass". Up to two persons can stand abreast and attack the knight in melee at one time.

Sir Atherington of Covby, The Black Knight (AC 0; MV 12”; F4; hp 20; #AT 1; D Two handed sword +3 to damage due to strength or heavy crossbow; SD Magic armor; S 18(23), I 10, W 3, D 16, C 17, Ch 3; XP 230)

Sir Atherington is under the charmed influence of the cursed armor he wears. It controls all of his actions, forcing him to challenge and fight all comers. He has thirty bolts but will not use the crossbow unless attacked by missile fire or ranged spells.

Cursed Black Dragon Plate Mail Armor +3
  • Lawful evil, Intelligence 17, Ego 32 (similar to an intelligent sword)
  • Permanent protection from normal missiles
  • Ignores first 10 hit points of magical damage each round (from spells, magic items such as wands, rods, and staves, or spell-like abilities, not from magic weapons).
  • Wearer does not need to eat, drink, or breathe while wearing the armor.

If Atherington is defeated and the magic armor is put on by a party member, it will attempt to charm the user. The wearer must save vs spells at -4 or be placed under the influence of this monstrous charm power. If the wearer makes the save, the armor can attempt to charm again once each day.

If a person succumbs to this charm attack they must will stay here (or travel here, if the armor has been removed) to challenge any who try to cross the bridge. They will lose 1 point of wisdom and 1 point of charisma each week they wear the armor, until these scores reach 3.

If Sir Atherington is defeated but the armor is not taken as spoils, there is a 10% chance that another has succumbed to the armor and is here as the black knight if the room is ever revisited. Of course the armor can be destroyed or thrown in the river instead.

If the party manages to save Sir Atherington from the armor, he will wish to return to his estate of Covby just outside of Sarcoy. Sir Atherington is neutral good. His father the Lord of Covby will provide a reward of 10,000 gold crescents and will knight any fighters among those saving his son. This knighthood grants the knight the ability to engage in formal jousts and certain other particulars detailed in The Forest Perilous section of the dungeon.

The bridge is about twenty five feet above the level of the river water. The two magical torches are huge and each weigh about 3000 gp weight. They will burn without need for fuel forever.

The tent holds treasure taken from those the black knight has killed.

  • A treasure map leading to a crypt in the Lott Hill Graveyard in Sarcoy. There are 1412 Jalluxian platinum Imperial coins in a wooden coffin in a mausoleum labeled with the name "Braggadaccio".
  • A backpack holding 713 Dwarvish electrum lugdushes.
  • A sack of 616 gold crescents
  • 3 potions of healing, each labeled (blue, no taste)
  • 1 potion of diminution, labeled (green, tastes of milk)
  • 1 potion of invisibility, unlabeled (red, tastes of sour wine)
  • A scroll of protection from zombies in an ivory scroll case worth 10 gold crescents
  • A sling of seeking +2
  • A gold signet ring with the Trsikelion crest worth 125 gold crescents

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Knock Goblin

NO. APPEARING: 4-44 (2d20+2)
MOVE: 6”
% IN LAIR: 50%
TREASURE TYPE: Individuals M; P, Y in lair
NO. OF ATTACKS: 1 weapon or 1 bite
DAMAGE/ ATTACK: By weapon or 1-3
SAVE: Fighter 1
SIZE: S (2½' to 3' tall)
LEVEL/ X.P. VALUE: III/ 14 + 1/hp

Knock goblins are squat goblins of dark green color, having enormous bull necks, relatively large and broad mouths, and tiny legs. They have a mania for mining, precious metals, and gems beyond even the norm for such creatures. They also delight in the crafting of armor, weapons, and jewelry of surpassing loveliness and utility. They are capable trap-makers but also enjoy architecture on a grander scale, building great bridges and fortresses deep under ground.

Knock goblins are good miners, equal or surpassing the skill of normal goblins. Knock goblins usually wear harnesses of leather supplemented by odd bits of armor and they are partial to very large, strangely shaped helms, often larger than the goblin itself. They keep pet fire beetles in their helmets to provide light because knock goblins cannot see in darkness like other goblins do. By means of lenses and mirrors, they can focus the fire beetles light to send a beam up to 60' away, or to greatly illuminate a small section of wall.

Knock goblins arm themselves with the tools of mining, picks (treat as a horseman's military pick due to small size). They can also bite, though that is not their preferred method of attack. The use of missile weapons is all but unknown to them. They can, however, perform a special attack by using the fire beetles in their helmets. By narrowing and opening the aperture they can send a dazzling beam of light at their opponent, acting as if they had cast a light spell at their enemies eyes. If a knock goblin is slain, the fire beetle in its helmet will usually attack, for they can leave the confines of the helmet whenever they wish.

Large and unusual knock goblins exist which demonstrate unusual powers often related to rock, treasure, and crafting of items of structures.

Knock goblins prefer the deepest of underground fastnesses but will venture close to the surface if lured by riches, a vein of ore, or a cluster of gemstones. As with other types of goblins, they do not need to eat or drink in their natural habitat (underground). They enjoy food and drink, however, especially beer. They are more concerned with treasure and the fun of mining then they are with violence and are unlikely to engage in violence unless attacked or insulted.


8Q KNOCK GOBLIN MINING TEAM. A dozen knock goblins are making a tremendous racket as they mine and sing. They are led by an enormous 3½' tall knock goblin named Frederang.

The faces of the knock goblins are obscured by their tremendous helmets, each of which holds a fire beetle. They can focus the beam from the fire beetle to see up to 60' or to send a blinding light at an opponent, like the light spell.

The knock goblins are not likely to be hostile if they are not attacked. They are not associated with the traps or tricks in the complex.

11 Knock Goblin Miners (AC 6; MV 6”; HD 1; hp 5, 2, 4, 5, 5, 1, 4, 4, 7, 3, 3; #AT 1 weapon or 1 bite; D Horseman's military pick or 1-3 type; SA Light; XP 19, 17, 18, 19, 19, 15, 18, 18, 21, 17, 17)

Each knock goblin miner has 2d4 gold crescents worth of gold and silver nuggets.

Frederang, Knock Goblin Forewoman (AC 5; MV 6”; HD 3; hp 16; #AT 1 weapon or 1 bite; D Horseman's military pick or 1-3 type; SA Light; XP 149)

Frederang has 123 gold crescents worth of gold and silver ore and two gems worth 100 gold crescent base value each. She is very respected by the others since she can sniff out gold (as a wand of metal and mineral detection) up to three times per day. She is sure there is a deposit of gold somewhere in the vicinity and she aims to get it out.

12 Giant Fire Beetles (AC 4; MV 12”; HD 1+2; hp 4, 8, 8, 7, 5, 6, 5, 9, 8, 7, 4, 9; #AT 1 bite; D 2-8; XP 28, 36, 36, 34, 30, 32, 30, 38, 36, 34, 28, 38)

The fire beetles will be very disturbed if a goblin wearing them is killed and will attack.

Monday, January 9, 2017


8P STORAGE ROOM. The staircase leading to this room goes down 15 feet from 8L. As this room is approached, the sound of the mining work being done in 8Q should be audible. The goblins are singing a horribly off-key working song most of the time.

This room holds sundry materials used by Scaramouche to repairs the tricks and traps in the complex. As such there are pieces of wood, metal, plaster, and the tools necessary for the work.

The collapsed passage to the south leads to The Cellars Area 3.

Sunday, January 8, 2017


8O KITCHEN. This small kitchen served Scaramouche's needs while he was still alive. It is equipped as a functional kitchen with hot and cold running water and there are still some non-perishable supplies here (tea, sugar, salt).

This is also a small laboratory where Scaramouche brews draughts of dreath. Scaramouche has 4 doses of the magic draught here with him. If Scaramouche brews draughts for the party they must supply him with more ingredients. The draught of dreath formula includes the following items:

2 drams of absinthe
Wool of bat
Blind worm's spittle
1 rotten apple
A crushed gem (greater than 400 gold piece value)
A pinch of earth from the grave of a convicted murderer
A sliver of bone from an animated skeleton

Must be prepared by a dead person. Mix well, boil in a black iron cauldron for six hours, adding rum to taste.

Saturday, January 7, 2017


The heart of any living person who drinks this potion will stop and they will enter a state of undeath, or “dreath” as the wizards call it. While under its influence they will experience the following:

  • They will be ignored by mindless undead, such as skeletons and zombies unless they attack the undead first.
  • Intelligent undead will be 90% likely to tolerate their presence as long as they are not intruding upon their lair, a sacred or profane space, etc.
  • They are immune to mind affecting spells such as sleep, charm, and hold.
  • They take half damage from cold based magic (and environmental effects due to cold weather).
  • The living will find them cold and strange, deduct 4 from Charisma.
  • They will take damage from holy water as if they were undead.
  • Clerics and paladins will be unable to turn, command, or destroy undead.

The effects will last until stroke of midnight,