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8 ROOM OF CONJURATION. The door to this room is decorated with a silver thaumaturgic triangle affixed to the wooden frame. If ripped off it would be worth 150 gold crescents.

The ceiling sheds eerie purple light. The stone floor has a large thaumaturgic triangle carved into it. Flanking the entry door are two metal black iron stands, each with clawed feet and holding a black iron bowl. The first bowl holds powdered silver (490 silver spanners worth) and the second bowl holds a strange green powder.

This is a system used for creating a gate, as the seventh level cleric or ninth level magic-user spell. The way this system is meant to be used is that the powdered silver is to be sprinkled around the circle to form a protective barrier, while a handful of the green powder is thrown into the center while the summoner calls out the name or type of the creature desired. When the green powder is cast there will be a flash of intense light and the named entity will appear. If no name is uttered, one of the following beings will respond:


Imp (AC 2; MV 6”/18”; HD 2+2; #AT 1 tail; D 1-4; SA Poison, magic use; SD Regenerate 1 hit point each round, magic or silver weapon to hit, immune to magical cold, fire and electricity, save versus spells as 7 HD creature; MR 25%; XP 275 + 3/hp)

Lemure (AC 7; MV 3”; HD 3; #AT 1; D 1-3; SD Regenerate 1 hit point each round, limited spell immunity; XP 65 +3/hp)

Manes (AC 7; MV 3”; HD 1; #AT 2 claws and 1 bite; D 1-2/1-2/1-4; SD Magic, cold-forged iron, or black iron weapon needed to hit, limited spell immunity; XP 18 + 1/hp)

Quasit (AC 2; MV 15”; HD 3; #AT 2 claws and 1 bite; D 1-2/1-2/1-4; SA Attack poison causes dexterity loss (1/hit), magic use; SD Regenerate 1 hit point each round, magic, cold iron, or black iron weapon to hit, immune to magical cold, fire and electricity, save versus spells as 7 HD creature; MR 25%; XP 325 + 3/hp)

Unless the ring of silver has been placed down, the summoned entity has the option to attack. If bound by the powdered silver, the being can be forced to perform one service (relatively minor in scope, such as aiding in one combat) or answer one question, to the best of its ability. Semi-intelligent entities will not have much to say. Other resources, such as employing the protection from evil and cacodemon spells, having a larva to barter with, or possessing a demon's amulet or devil's talisman may aid the successful conclusion of such a summoning.

All of the usual rules pertaining to these entities are in effect. Relevant rules can be found in the Monster Manual (pages 16, 20, and 37 under DEMON, DEVIL, and ELEMENTAL), the Player's Handbook (page 53 Gate spell), and the Dungeon Master's Guide (page 43 Gate spell explanation). Naturally, the Dungeon Master may include or exclude any other planar beings in order to fit his or her milieu.

If the adventurers leave this room and reenter, any powder left on the floor will have vanished. There is enough green powder for nine uses, and enough powdered silver for seven. It takes 70 gold crescents worth of powdered silver to make a ring, and if the adventurers try to scoop it up, they should be able to recover at least 60 gold crescents worth after a summoning (this takes a bit less than a turn). The magical effects of the green powder are limited to this room only.

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