Tuesday, May 31, 2016


112 GHOUL CAVE. Five ghouls are here.

5 Ghouls (AC 6; MV 9"; HD 2; hp 12, 15, 6, 12, 9; #AT 2 claws, 1 bite; D 1-3/1-3/1-6; SA Paralysis; SD Limited spell immunity; XP 89, 95, 77, 89, 83)

A huge pile of bones, discarded clothing, and personal effects is in the western portion of the room. If delvers take the time to sort through the rubbish they will find 103 gold crescents, 327 silver spanners, and 643 copper pieces from the ghouls' victims and from grave goods.

Monday, May 30, 2016


111 SHIFTING WALLS. In every corridor leading to this crossroads, at a space a little over twenty feet away, there is a broad pressure plate that shifts the walls at the crossroads.

The result of tripping the plate is to move the walls so that the path is clear for the traveler. There is a 90% chance of tripping the plate if it is not specifically found and avoided. If the plate is not activated there is a 50% chance that it is already clear for the travelers and a 50% chance that the way is blocked.

The mechanism for moving the walls is ingenious and very quiet, involving wheels and track marks on the floor. Dwarves who are looking specifically for shifting walls have a 4 in 6 chance of realizing the nature of the mechanism. It would be possible to test the shifting walls by leaving an object in the way, blocking the walls.

If the adventurers have dungeon-dwelling allies from this level, there is a good chance they know about the shifting walls, but they may or may not comment about it.

Sunday, May 29, 2016


110 CELLBLOCK. This room was once used to keep prisoners, but it is abandoned. The cell doors are all open. A passage carved from rock by ghoulish claws is to the back of one of the cells. The ceiling is uneven and the hole from Level Two Room 94 ends here.

Saturday, May 28, 2016


109 THE PRISONER. This smallish room has a vaulted ceiling with a height of twenty five feet. Suspended by his feet with rope and in temporal stasis is a man with a black bag over his head. His head is about five feet above the ground an he wears only a simple cloth undergarment.

This is Alcadon Triskelion, a formidable freelance thief who angered his magic-user cousin Auguste by stealing his wealth and his lady's heart. Auguste used arcane means to find Alcadon and had him captured and imprisoned. He stashed him here, planning on torturing Alcadon to death, but the crisis happened in the Castle and so the master thief was forgotten.

Alcadon Triskelion, Neutral male human Thief (AC 6; MV 12”; T17; hp 14 (normally 50); #AT 1; D By Weapon Type; S 11, I 17, W 9, D 19, C 14, Ch 17; XP 4900 (normally 5800))

Thief skills
PP 140%, OL 119% F/RT 109% MS 111% HS 111% HN 55% CW 99.7% RL 80%

Alcadon is a man of about thirty years with bright orange hair. He is an unabashed scoundrel but also has a sense of honor. If rescued, he will thank the delvers and explain he has an important meeting that he has to attend to. He has contacts (and residences) in Sarcoy, however, and he will reward each member of the party with a sum of 5000 gold crescents in the near future. If he has been particularly well treated (healing, etc.) he will make sure that he gives the adventurers a more princely gift involving a class appropriate magic item as well. From that point on he may become a patron of sorts for the characters, giving hints or advice through an intermediary on rare occasions, at the discretion of the Dungeon Master.

Friday, May 27, 2016


108 TORTURE CHAMBER. At first glance this room appears to be abandoned. All of the usual implements of torture are here: tongue tearers, iron maidens, Judas chairs, thumb screws, etc. In the southwest corner is a bizarre scene. One zombie is strapped to a rack, while another is turning the gears. The zombie on the rack has long ago had his legs and arms torn off and merely thrashes about slowly.

Torturer Zombie (AC 8; MV 6"; HD 2; hp 16; #AT 1; D 1-8; SA Always lose initiative; SD Limited spell immunity; XP 52)

The recumbent zombie can be destroyed easily. It cannot attack effectively and is worth no experience points.

The secret door in the north wall is located within a false iron maiden. In order to open it, the delver must first actually climb inside the torture device and press down on the spikes in the back. The back of the maiden will then slide sideways exposing the passage to Room 109.

Thursday, May 26, 2016


107 MEEGO AND TORKZADEH. This landing is about thirty feet below the rest of Level Three. It is quite roomy and holds two man-sized statues resembling crouching winged dragon-like men with grotesque faces.

These are two neutral talking statues. The most southerly one is Meego, with a broader face. Torkzadeh looks a bit more like a bird or crocodile. Use reaction rolls as per a normal encounter. They have knowledge of the dungeon from talking with monsters and adventurers that pass by. They know more about dungeon levels that are nearby than those that are far away. They love rumors and gossip and are not above embellishing in order to portray things as juicier or more sordid than they really are.

They trade in kind. They will not give away potentially useful information unless they are rewarded first with some tidbits of gossip or knowledge that they do not already know. They are a potential resource for cunning adventurers but not a free font of vital information. They won't volunteer valuable information out of the blue, although they may comment on subjects that the delvers bring up. There is always a 10% chance that they will so twist the truth in order to make something more spectacular that they will give the impression that something is its opposite.

Meego loves flattery. Torkzadeh is fond of having alcohol poured down his throat and slurs its speech if given large amounts.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Glow Golem

FREQUENCY: Very rare
ARMOR CLASS: 10, but see below
MOVE: 12”
HIT DICE: 6 (25 hit points)
% IN LAIR: Nil
SAVE: As non-intelligent monster

The glow golem is a variety of stout wax golem designed for providing light for decades to centuries. Glow golems may be constructed using the formula and materials for wax golems with the additional required spells: affect normal fires, dancing lights, and permanency.

Technically, glow golems may have any shape or color, but the ones in Castle Triskelion appear as pale bulky dwarf sized humanoids with flaming heads and hands. They give off light constantly and without visible loss of fuel. Their light can be seen for hundreds of feet, but only within about twenty to thirty feet can the glow golem be seen clearly.

Glow golems will act as wax golems for combat, following orders, etc., but are traditionally used only to provide illumination by magic-users to show off their wealth and power. They can be armed and armored, but in default will fight with two flaming hands doing 1d8 of heat, fire, and battering damage with each hit.

Glow golems are immune to spells which affects the mind, such as sleep, hold, and charm. They may be struck by normal weapons, and fire causes +3 on attack dice to them. Unlike wax golems, they can be harmed by cold-based magic.


106 THE YAWNING STAIR WELL. Warm air can be felt rising from this monstrous pit in gusts, giving the sensation that the pit is breathing slowly. Dozens of thick black metal chains dangle from the ceiling twenty feet above. Their ends fade away in the gloom, for the pit is obviously hundreds of feet deep. A five foot wide staircase is carved into the side walls and it winds down the side of the pit. There is no bannister or other safety measure present, making descending it a daunting task.

The staircase is relatively safe to descend for humans and the like as long as the person is not running, fighting, or otherwise being incautious. Wandering monster encounter checks should be made for the nearest level while on the stairs. While fighting on the stairs, the Dungeon Master should determine whether a monster or character has lost their footing and fallen based on the current situation.

Mules and other large quadrupeds may object to taking the stairs. If a fall does occur, a delver may try to cling to one of the chains to arrest their fall. The Dungeon Master should adjudicate the chances of grabbing and hanging on to chains in such a situation, keeping in mind there is a base 10% chance that the weight of an average man will pull the chain from its ancient mooring in the ceiling and send the victim once again plunging into the gloomy depths.

Most of these chains end suddenly, but a dozen terminate in cages resembling elaborate lantern heads or hanging lamps. Indeed these are lamps of a sort, for each holds a glow golem. These are located at irregular intervals along the depth of the massive pit, sometimes separated by hundreds of feet. These lamps provide enough light to navigate the stairs and when an adventurer is within twenty feet of the golem, there is even enough light to read by.

12 Glow Golems (AC 10; MV 12”; HD 6; hp 25; #AT 2 flaming hands; D 1-8/1-8; SD Limited spell immunity; XP 375)

These golems look like dwarf sized humanoids made of pale lumpy wax with flaming heads and hands. Still as death, they sit hunched over in their lamp-cages and will not react to monsters or adventurers passing by. It is possible that delvers will imagine them to prisoners of some sort. They will fight if someone tries to remove them, however.

There are landings at the corners. The way the stairs are carved in the walls is such that the pit does not become narrower as one descends, for the stairs are on shelf-like projections of stone extending out, so that the stair winds under itself as it descends. The next exit from the stairwell is eighty feet lower at Level Four. As the stairway is navigated, make sure to check to see if any adventurers (such as elves) notice the secret door at Area 26 on Level 3A Salt Mere.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016



MOVE: 1”
% IN LAIR: 0%
SPECIAL DEFENSES: Unconsciousness, explosion (1-12)
SAVE: Fighter 1
LEVEL/ X.P. VALUE: II/ 18 + 1/hp

Mumblers are fungi, smaller relatives of the shrieker which inhabit similar locales. They are white puffball type mushrooms with indistinct but human-like features, making them look a bit like bald men who have been buried to their necks in the ground.

They are sensitive to light within 30' or movement within 10', which causes the to emit a low muttering, mumbling sound. This hypnotic noise will put listeners into a sort of mini-coma unless they save vs spells. This stupor will continue for 3 to 6 (1d4+2) turns.

If the mumbler is attacked it cannot defend itself, but if it is destroyed the thing will pop and the violent explosion will cause 1d12 damage to all within 10' of it.


105 MUMBLER CAVERN. They floor of this cavern is covered by white round mushrooms that look like bald human heads, complete with rather indistinct features. These are smaller relatives of shriekers called mumblers.

10 Mumblers (AC 7; MV 1”; HD 1; hp 2, 4, 5, 1, 5, 4, 3, 8, 7, 1; #AT 0; D Nil; SA Unconsciousness, explosion (1-12); XP 20, 22, 23, 19, 23, 22, 21, 26, 25, 19)

Monday, May 23, 2016


104 HIVE. This area is populated by seven jousting wasps. Six are typical of the species, while the last is a man-sized queen wasp with the same attributes as a giant wasp.

6 Jousting Wasps (AC 5; MV 3”/15”; HD 1-4 hit points; hp 3, 1, 4, 4, 1, 2, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 1, 2; #AT 1 sting; D 1-2; SA Attack as 4 HD monster on first attack; XP 8, 6, 9, 9, 6, 7, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 6, 7)

1 Queen Jousting Wasp (AC 4; MV 6”/21”; HD 4; hp 15; #AT 1 bite and 1 sting; D 2-8/1-4; SA Poison; XP 380)

The wasps have made their nest on the ceiling, out of a paper-like substance. Inside are bout a dozen fat grubs (1 hit point each) with no effective attack. The queen has produced a red honey-like substance that she is planning on feeding to one of the grubs. This material is also found in the paper hive. If consumed by an adventurer it will heal 1d4 points of damage. There are four doses.

Sunday, May 22, 2016


103D SAND CASTLE. Seven pseudo-dragons are living in a one room sandcastle here.

7 Pseudo-dragons (AC 2; MV 6”/24”; HD 2; hp 5, 5, 4, 10, 5, 11, 16; #AT 1 bite; D 1-3; SA +4 to hit with poison sting; SD Chameleon power, see invisible; MR 35%; XP 210, 210, 208, 220, 210, 222, 232)

They like to trick adventurers into thinking they have valuable intelligence about the dungeon, and they will trade spurious information for treasure. They have a small chest holding 228 gold crescents and five interlocked gold rings (like a magician's puzzle) worth 20 gold crescents each.

Saturday, May 21, 2016


103C RIVER AND ROWBOAT. The water of the river is crystal clear and contains numerous fish. These are all species that would normally be found on the surface, these are not cave fish. Indeed, this fast running river is a small branch of the River Aisling that dives below the ground about a mile from the castle.

A large rowboat is beached here, large enough to fit ten adventurers and a reasonable amount of gear. There are four oars, bu they are unnecessary. The current is strong enough to carry the boat to the east where there is ample head room in the portion of the river between Room 103 and Room 131. To the north, where the river emerges into Room 103, there is only an inch of space above water level so this is not an attractive option.

Friday, May 20, 2016


103B VENDING MACHINE. Against the wall, there is a large orange metal box, eight feet high by four feet wide by three feet long. It is labeled 'VENDING' in big stylized letters. It has a coin slot near the top and eight unlabeled buttons. Inserting a gold crescent and pushing a button will dispense one of the following items in a tray at knee level.

Item Dispensed
A shot of wheat grass in a shot glass
Beef Jerky
A raw egg
Protein shake in a paper cup with a paper lid and a straw
Fruit (roll 1d6: 1=apple, 2=orange, 3=banana, 4=mango, 5=peach, 6=DM's choice)
Vegetable (roll 1d4: 1=broccoli, 2= carrots, 3=potato, 4=DM's choice)
Flavored electrolyte drink (roll 1d10: 1-4 cool blueberry, 5-6 fantastic fruit punch, 7-9 sizzling strawberry, 10=mystery mash, roll for random potion which will have one dose)
A pseudo-dragon (50%) or a jousting wasp (50%). The pseudo-dragon will say hello then fly to Area 103D. The jousting wasp will probably attack.

Pseudo-dragon (AC 2; MV 6”/24”; HD 2; #AT 1 bite; D 1-3; SA +4 to hit with poison sting; SD Chameleon power, see invisible; MR 35%; XP 200 + 2/hp)

Jousting Wasp (AC 5; MV 3”/15”; HD 1-4 hit points; #AT 1 sting; D 1-2; SA Attack as 4 HD monster on first attack; XP 5 +1/hp)

The bodybuilders at 103A have figured out a way to game the vending machine. If it is slapped and tapped in a certain sequence in its middle it will dispense without the coin being necessary. The bodybuilders also know what each button will dispense.

The vending machine can be broken or torn open using a crowbar, great strength, etc. Doing so will reveal the inside is hollow (there is no food, drink, or coins to be found!) and will cause the machine to stop functioning. This will greatly upset the bodybuilders, who depend on the vending machine for snacks.

Thursday, May 19, 2016


103A BODYBUILDERS. Six bodybuilders are engaged in a workout here. There are large amounts of free weights, weight benches, weight racks, towels, and other weightlifting apparatus.

The six bodybuilders are quite an eclectic group. Despite their varied racial backgrounds all are of neutral alignment, stand between 6'6” and 7'2” tall (except the 4'3” tall dwarf) and are tremendously buff. The bodybuilders are a loud bunch. They will be engaged in lifting weights and spotting each other as the do their workouts. They are boorish fellows and will make fun of elves and magic-users, while they will hoot and make catcalls at attractive women. Despite this will not attack, even if they have the most unfavorable reaction roll to the party. Indeed, favorable reaction rolls will be offers to allow the party members to work out. Even though many of the bodybuilders belong to evil-aligned races, they should be treated as exceptions to they normal race profile. They are only concerned with getting stronger and getting huge muscles.

Alphonse, Caveman Bodybuilder (AC 8; MV 12”; F5; hp 26, #AT 1; D By weapon +6 to damage due to strength; S 18(00), I 7, W 7, D 13, C 16, Ch 8; XP 306)

Brutus, Bugbear Bodybuilder (AC 8; MV 9”; HD 4; hp 25; #AT 1; D By weapon +5 due to strength of 18(97); SA Surprise on a 1-3; XP 235)

Caligula, Lizard man Bodybuilder (AC 4; MV 6”//12”; HD 3+1; hp 19; #AT 3 or 1; D 1-2/1-2/1-8 or by weapon type +5 to damage due to strength of 18(91); XP 136)

Dexter, Gnoll Bodybuilder (AC 8; MV 9”; HD 4; hp 19; #AT 2; D By weapon +5 due to strength of 18(93); XP 136)

Erebus, Hobgoblin Bodybuilder (AC 8; MV 9”; HD 4; hp 22; #AT 1; D By weapon +5 to damage due to strength of 18(94); XP 148)

Ferdinand, Mountain Dwarf Bodybuilder (AC 8; MV 6”; F4; hp 21, #AT 1; D By weapon +5 due to strength; S 18(92), I 13, W 8, D 10, C 15, Ch 7; XP 195)

Each bodybuilder is dressed in a leather harness and they are glistening with oil to better show off their muscles. Each wears a huge gold medallion in the shape of the first letter of their name on a gold chain (medallion + chain = 400 gold crescents each).

Bodybuilder Chart:

Weapon Notes
Guilty Secret
Treat as club
Concert level pianist
Medicine Ball
1d6 damage
2 Dumbells
Writes letters home to his Ma every day
Hammer Throw
Treat as morning star, he doesn't actually throw it
Loves math, needs glasses to read
Chest Expander
1d4 damage and will stun opponent for 1 round if he hits with an 18-20
Professionally trained as a mime
1d6 damage
Used to be a dwarf woman, until an encounter with a girdle of masculinity/femininity

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

New Maps Available for Inner Ward

I finally got around to make pages for the Inner Ward Maps!  Like the others, they can be found to the right.


103 GREAT CAVERN. This large cavern has a relatively level sandy floor. Its ceiling height varies between twenty and thirty feet. The whole place is lit by a huge glowing boulder (about seven feet in diameter) lodged in the center of the ceiling, about twenty one feet from the floor. This weird rock exudes radiation equivalent to bright sunlight. If it is reached via a fly spell or other means, a piece can be chipped off with a hammer, etc. and will radiate sunlight as well. If handled with unprotected skin this will cause a sunburn.

Anyone entering the cavern through one of the south passages will likely be able to see the small boat at Area 103C and be able to hear the ruckus at Area 103A.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


102 LOCKER ROOM. This cavern smells heavily of sweat and is lit by phosphorescent fungi living on the ceiling. It holds six metal lockers.

The lockers are unlocked and each is decorated on its door with one letter A to F. The lockers hold large examples of boxer-style men's underwear, leather girdles, magnetic mirrors, combs, brushes, and mineral oil.

Monday, May 16, 2016


101 SAUNA. This cavern is very hot and very humid. There are numerous natural vents along the floors and walls where escaping steam can be seen. There are several areas where the walls glow redly from great heat, touching one of these areas will require a save vs breath weapon or the incautious one will take 1 hit point of heat damage.

Near the west wall, there is a great wooden bench, five feet high and capable of sitting ten men. There are several wooden buckets of warm water and wooden ladles.

Sunday, May 15, 2016


100 ROOM OF THE MIRACULOUS TREE. This room is obviously underground and not even lit, yet it contains an apple tree in full bloom and possessing twelve appealing pieces of fruit.

Each apple has a random quality:

As potion of extra healing
As potion of gaseous form, but duration 1 day
Poison, save or die in 1d4+2 rounds
Neutralize poison
Normal apple, but very tasty
Normal apple, but tastes of pork
As potion of fire giant strength, but duration 6 hours
Save vs spells or change gender
Character may now speak with any apple trees, as spell speak with plants but permanent.
Wax apple
Fruit of knowledge, gain 1 point of intelligence

There is a 10% chance that another apple has appeared if the adventurers return to this room again, assuming that at least a week has passed since it has last been visited.

Saturday, May 14, 2016


99 GOBLINS ON THE LAM. Fourteen goblins are here.

14 Goblins (AC 6; MV 6”; HD 1-1; hp 7, 2, 7, 5, 3, 3, 5, 1, 5, 3, 4, 6, 4, 7; #AT 1; D By weapon type; XP 17, 12, 17, 15, 13, 13, 15, 11, 15, 13, 14, 16, 14, 17)

Eight of the goblins have spears, four have short swords, and two have military picks. Each has 0-7 (1d8-1) silver spanners and 0-11 (1d12-1) copper pieces. The goblins emigrated here from another part of the dungeon and were horrified to find that there were predatory bugbears nearby. They have camped here and are debated amongst themselves whether to go up or down. They would prefer to negotiate rather than fight and would not mind the company of adventurers in avoiding the bugbears.

This room is decorated as a room of leisure or study, with desks, comfortable couches, and coffee tables. A glass display cabinet in the north part of the room holds small animals skeletons, carved pieces of driftwood, and other knicknacks of no real value. Among these trifles is a solid silver bookmark (25 gold crescent value) and a solid gold tiny chariot miniature (250 gold crescent value).

Friday, May 13, 2016


98 RUBBLE-STREWN HALL. This large chamber has its walls painted in crimson and the ceiling and floor are black. Portions of the ceiling have collapsed, leaving black stones cast here and there about the floor.

Searching the rubble will take a turn, but will reveal the skeletal body of a man in rich silk garments. He has a purse of 80 gold crescents, 17 silver spanners, 6 copper pieces, and a sapphire worth 750 gold crescents.

Thursday, May 12, 2016


97 SECRET CORRIDOR. A gelatinous cube has somehow become stuck in this short stretch of corridor.

Gelatinous Cube (AC 8; MV 6”; HD 4; hp 14; #AT 1; D 2-8; SA Paralyzation, surprise on 1-3; SD Immunity to some attacks; XP 206)

Two items are in its body. The first item appears to be diamond worth about 4000 gold crescents. It is actually a gem of seeing. The second item is a sealed silver scroll tube (25 gold crescents) holding two spell scrolls. The first scroll holds the magic-user spell delayed blast fireball. The second scroll has the illusionist spell conjure animals.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


96 DOMESTIC CHAMBER. There is a 30% chance that the slorgon (see Room 94) will be here if she has not already been encountered and killed. Also, if wandering monsters are encountered in this room, there is a 95% chance it is the slorgon if she is still alive.

This room was used for menial duties by novice worm cultists. There are areas for cooking food, washing clothes, cleaning dishes and cutlery, and general cleaning supplies (brooms, mops, buckets, scrubbing brushes, etc.) There is a large sink with running cold water on the east wall. A large fireplace is against the south wall, large enough to crawl into. A secret door is located behind the back of the fireplace leading to Corridor 97.

This room was also used to store food and there are opened sacks of grain and tins of meat near the west wall. The slorgon likes to gorge herself on the meat, even if it is rancid, and she opened the grain sacks on purpose to attract delicious vermin to the room.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


95 CULT LIBRARY. This room is a favorite of the slorgon (see Room 94), and there is a 50% chance she will be here if she is still alive. Also, if wandering monsters are encountered in this room, there is a 95% chance it is the slorgon (again unless she has been killed).

This room holds thousands of scrolls, placed in wooden cubbies along the walls which extend all the way to the twelve foot high ceiling. Ladders on runners are present to assist in retrieving the scrolls.

The vast number of scrolls have to do with history of the cult, or cult-related topics. Many others are simple prayers and invocations to the Worm God. Extensive searching (several turns) may reveal four magic scrolls. Figure 10% chance of finding a spell scroll per person searching per turn.

  • Scroll 1 Cleric scroll: Cure Serious Wounds, Detect Charm, Detect Lie, Sanctuary

  • Scroll 2 Protection from Possession

  • Scroll 3 Cleric scroll: Locate Object, True Seeing

  • Scroll 4 Map: This is a treasure map which describes the route to an ancient and ruined temple to the Worm God. It is actually the site depicted on the mural in Room 89 in which Ormond Triskelion first became enamored of the cult. The place is about 50 miles northeast of the Castle.

Monday, May 9, 2016


94 CLERICS' CHAMBER. There is a 20% chance that the Slorgon will be here, as this is one of the rooms that she regularly frequents.

The Slorgon (AC 5; MV 9”; HD 6; hp 32; #AT 1; D 1-6; SA Paralysis, poison; Size M; XP 917)

The slorgon is rumored by the worm cultists to be a slagworm which gorged on a dead medusa and which was nursed on unholy water. She is considered to be a sacred creature by the local cultists, who have ceded Rooms 94 to 96 for her.

Her lower body is that of a great gray worm or snake. She has two human-like arms with normal hands, but lacks a human-like neck, her head being attached to her womanish torso in the same way that a snake's is. She has a great fanged mouth and instead of hair, her head is covered with worm-like growths, each about the size of a snake and having a mouth of its own. The slorgon has no eyes, but this does not affect her ability to fight. Those who gaze upon her horrid form must save vs paralysis or be held immobile by fascination and disgust for 2d6 rounds. She attacks only in melee, where she allows her head-full of venomous growths to bite a victim. These carry a deadly poison (save or die).

This room was originally used as a sleeping chamber for the cult's clerics. There are ten beds and a large wardrobe holding about a dozen gray robes decorated with worm inspired designs on the trim and two robes made of cloth-of-gold worth 200 gold crescents each.

Sunday, May 8, 2016


93 SECRET SHRINE. The room is lit by a dull gray glow which appears to come from nowhere in particular. This room holds a dozen prostrate figures, bowing to a statue near the south wall. Gold and other treasure can be seen placed before the statue in three piles.

The dozen figures are clad in heavy gray robes, so it is no immediately apparent that they are zombies. Before death each was a cultist who received the Kiss of the Worm God. Periodically the rise and then bow again in obeisance to the statue.

12 Worm Face Zombies (AC 8; MV 6"; HD 2; hp 11, 9, 9, 5, 6, 8, 4, 12, 12, 3, 10, 9; #AT 1; D 1-8; SA Always lose initiative; SD Limited spell immunity; XP 42, 38, 38, 30, 32, 36, 28, 44, 44, 26, 40, 38)

The zombies have been programmed to perform homage to the statue. They will not attack unless the statue is approached or they are themselves attacked.

The statue is a man-sized gray painted stone worm on a round pedestal. It has a huge mouth full of human-like teeth but no eyes. On the base of the statue, placed equidistantly are three carven glyphs. These glyphs will be recognizable to any cleric if the cleric can roll on their (intelligence score + level) X 3 or less on 1d%. For example, a 10th level cleric with an 18 wisdom has a (10 + 18) X 3 = 84% chance of discerning each glyph separately.

The first glyph is Yar, which stands for 'service' or 'vassalage', with the intent being to give completely of oneself out of devotion. The treasure in front of the Yar glyph consists of a pile 2514 gold cylinders (each equivalent to a gold crescent in value) and two emeralds (500 gold crescent value each). If the treasure in front of the Yar glyph is taken or even touched, the offender must save vs spells or be placed under the curse of Yar. They will have vivid dreams of willingly burying themselves under the ground in order to allow themselves to be consumed by worms. While under the influence of the curse of Yar, no true rest occurs. They cannot relearn spells or heal hit points naturally.

The second glyph is Alfar, which stands for 'hunger'. The treasure in front of the Alfar glyph consists of a labeled potion of longevity (green, tastes of bleach) and an unlabeled potion of gaseous form (black, tastes of licorice). If the treasure in front of this glyph is disturbed, the offender must save vs spells or suffer the curse of Alfar. The victim will be ravenously hungry no matter how much food they eat. Sufferers will consume five times as much rations and must purchase five times as much food 'in town' in order to stay alive. Despite this they will not gain weight.

The third glyph is Kwar, which stands for 'yearning'. The treasure in front of the Kwar glyph consists of a javelin of lightning, 300 gold cylinders (as above for value), and a silver medallion (no chain) decorated with worm designs (700 gold crescent value). Touching the treasure before this glyph will require a savings throw vs spells to avoid receiving this curse. The curse of Kwar gives the constant distracting sensation of needing to procreate, like an animal in heat. Even if the cursed one tries to indulge in physical satisfaction of this need they will experience only momentary relief of the very unpleasant sensation. While under the influence of this curse, one cannot concentrate effectively. Attacks are at -4 to hit. Spellcasters will have a 20% failure rate when casting spells (or this is added to the failure rate for clerics with low wisdom). Any other % based skill is at -20%, including thief skills.

Saturday, May 7, 2016


This is a smoky gray crystal ornament in the shape of a tear, about the size of a plum. A hole near the tip allows it to be strung as a necklace and worn about the neck. It is actually a special receptacle similar to a magic jar spell. The life force of Karnath Zhul is trapped within it and if the item is worn as it necklace, it has the following attributes:

  • Affords the wearer a magic resistance of 10%.
  • Wearer can cast one first level cleric spell per day, in addition to any normal spell use. This spell must be a reversed spell (such as cause light wounds) if the chosen spell is capable of being reversed.
  • Wearer can only see in shades of gray.

The wearer is subject to hearing faint voices suggesting he or she visit the room where Karnath's body is and return Karnath to it. On occasion this will occur at inopportune times and can be distracting. Karnath Zhul is quested to seek the return of his soul to his body in Room 69 on the Third Level of The Upper Dungeons of Castle Triskelion. He would prefer to be freed of this quest.

If telepathy or a similar technique is used, the wearer can communicate directly with Karnath Zhul, who will attempt to convert the wearer to the Worm Cult. He is very persuasive, but the persuasion is not magical. He has all the knowledge he possessed in life. He is a lawful evil human 12th level Cleric of the Worm God (I 13, W 16, CH 18).
If Karnath Zhul is somehow freed from this imprisonment and given a new body, he will continue where he left off in establishing a new home for the Cult of the Great Gray Worm. When acting the persona of Karnath Zhul recall that he was a religious zealot who was willing to swallow a gray worm knowing it would eat his brain and that he was tortured horribly before his soul was drawn forcibly from his body.

If the Gray Tear is placed on Karnath Zhul's chest cavity in the dungeon, it will crumble to gray slime and his body will animate as a mummy and serve the one who placed it there (see Room 69 Upper Dungeons Level Three).

XP VALUE: 1,000

GP VALUE: 4,000


92 GROLLGRANG'S INNER SANCTUM. This room is larger than the previous room, but holds fewer occupants. Here Grollgrang schemes to take down the Orthodox division of the cult.

Grollgrang the Pure, Lawful Evil male human Cleric of the Worm God/ Gray Wormspawn Mastermind (AC 8; MV 12“; Hit Dice 7; hp 31; #AT 1; D Footman's mace +2 due to strength; SA Spell use; MR 10%; S 18, I 16, W 10, D 16, C 18, CH 16; XP 823)

First Level Cleric Spells:
Cause Light Wounds (from the Gray Tear), Cure Light Wounds, Curse, Resist Cold

Second Level Cleric Spells:
Hold Person, Resist Fire, Silence, 15' Radius

Third Level Cleric Spells:
Bestow Curse, Cause Disease

The thing about Grollgrang is that his mind has been completely taken over by the gray wormspawn living in him. It has learned that drinking a steady supply of unholy water will allow it to remain in the cleric's body even though it has completely eaten Grollgrang's brain. It still casts spells as a sixth level cleric, which is the level Grollgrang had attained.

The Worm-Grollgrang can cast Grollgrang's current spells, but it cannot learn new spells and cannot perform other cleric functions, such as turning undead. For spell components it has a small box of sulphur for the resist cold spell and six vials of unholy water for the curse spell and for drinking. The unholy water is kept in specially leaded crystal vials worth 5 gold crescents each. It wears the Gray Tear on a silver cord (20 gold crescents) on his neck. It knows that Karnath Zhul is imprisoned somewhere in the Upper Chapel area (Rooms 65 to 69) and is planning on an expedition to awaken the creature to fight for it against the Orthodox cultists.

If the body it inhabits is brought to 0 hit points, it will emerge in 1 round to fight as a unusually large gray wormspawn. It looks different from other gray wormspawn. It has tiny slightly malformed hands and bulging bloodshot eyes. It can still use Grollgrang's remaining spells even in this form. It calls itself Grollgrang, too.

Grollgrang's as a Gray Wormspawn (AC 7; MV 9”; HD 3+1; hp 24; #AT 1 bite; D 1-4; SA Drain blood for 6 hit points per round; XP 146)

The monster is served by a cleric and three heretical cultists, all of whom are also hosts to gray wormspawn, although they are not altered in the way the creature in Grollgrang's body is.

Mufarg the Praiseworthy, Lawful Evil male human Cleric of the Worm God (AC 10; MV 12“; C2; hp 9; #AT 1; D Footman's Flail +2 to damage due to strength; SA Spell use; S 18, I 10, W 12, D 9, C 18, CH 6; XP 77)

First Level Cleric Spells:
Cure Light Wounds, Darkness

3 Heretical Worm Cultists (AC 10; MV 12”; F2; hp 12, 8, 10; #AT 1; D Dagger +2 due to strength; XP 71, 59, 65)

The cultists wear gray robes and have 8 to 18 (2d6+6) gold cylinders each.

4 Gray Wormspawn (AC 7; MV 9”; HD 2+1; hp 12, 12, 9, 6; #AT 1 bite; D 1-4; SA Drain blood for 4 hit points per round; XP 86, 86, 77, 68)

Grollgrang has prepared a treasure chest of 1000 gold cylinders as a down payment to the hobgoblins, which sits in the middle of the room. It wants to buy food and weapons to supply its cultists to wipe out its rival Blaftox.

The room is furnished sparsely, though there is a large bed near the north wall for Grollgrang and straw mattresses have been placed on the floor to accommodate the others. The room is well lit by wall mounted torchlight. Grollgrang has assembled a small hoard of additional treasure near the west wall, including:

  • A large book on a lectern. This book has a cover made of leather, dyed light gray, and all the paper is similarly colored. Ink is in bright red or black. It is a combination of hymnal and prayer book to the Worm God and as such it is worth about 500 gold crescents only to a collector of esoteric religions. It weighs about 300 gp weight. Its last few pages, however, are actually cleric scroll spells: protection from good, sticks to snakes, and insect plague. The sticks to snakes spell actually turns the snakes into gray worms with the same stats as snakes and the insect plague spell actually summons tiny gray worms, but the effects are identical to the normal spells.

  • A jar on a pillow holding 5 wriggling gray wormlings, each about an inch long. These are identical in function to rot grubs, but are considered sacred creatures by the cultists. The wormlings are currently enjoying a meal of a human hand.

5 Sacred Gray Wormlings (AC 9; MV 1”; HD 1 hit point; hp 1 each; #AT 0; D Nil; SA Burrow into flesh; XP -)

  • Three fat bags of gold cylinders (1 gold crescent value each). The bags hold 313, 612, and 218 cylinders, respectively.

  • A small iron box holding gray wooden sticks inlaid with tiny sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. These are useful for the augury spell and worth 2500 gold crescents in total.

  • A silver coffer (145 gold crescent value) holding 10 vials of unholy water. Each vial is made of specially leaded crystal and worth 5 gold crescents.