Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Encounter Key: Inner Ward Fourth Floor

The Fourth Floor of the Inner Ward is divided into two towers. The Fourth and Fifth Floors of East Tower were the home of the powerful wizard Calester Triskelion. The Northwest Tower was a site for the stationing of troops and the martially inclined Marlowe Triskelion. Now Marlowe, corrupted by lycanthropy, leads a pack of werewolves.

The walls, floors, and ceilings in the East Tower are made of an otherworldly-appearing dark green stone, except where noted otherwise. Ceiling height is twelve feet. These rooms lack the cressets found for holding torches that are so common throughout the rest of the castle.

The Northwest Tower is much like the lower floors, in that the majority of the rooms are of normal gray dressed stone, with wooden beams supporting the ceilings. Floors are also made of wood planks and ceiling height here is twelve feet, too. These rooms do have cressets for holding torches.

The Fourth Floor directly connects to the Third Floor and the Fifth Floor.

WEREWOLVES. The werewolves in the Northwest Tower are content to occasionally descend to raid for food in lower levels or outside the castle, relying on their resistance to normal weapons to see them past other monsters. They delight in all evil acts, and would particularly enjoy taking humans prisoner to use as food or to produce new members.

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