Wednesday, June 10, 2015


This instrument is a golden harp, about two and a half feet tall, with a beautiful golden maiden carved into the pillar. The harp plays itself, and the maiden is animated and quite able to move her arms, sing, etc. She is able to converse, but speaks only of music and song.

If asked politely or when she feels in the mood, the Empyrean Harp will play enchanting music appropriate to the situation (for example, a lullaby if characters are trying to sleep, or fast paced music during a fight). When extant, this music will also prevent adventurers with the harp from surprising any monsters that are not deaf and it will also double the chance of encountering wandering monsters.

On request, the harp can perform a chant, as the cleric spell, up to three times per day. This chant will only last as long as the encounter.

In the hands of a bard or elf, the harp can perform the following additional spell-like abilities instantaneously once each per day, as if by a twelfth level spellcaster, requiring verbal component (singing) only: cure light wounds, charm monster, detect magic, and sleep.

XP VALUE: 3,000

GP VALUE: 36,000

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