Saturday, June 20, 2015


5 MOON ROOM. The door to this room is marked by a white crescent moon.

The walls are not made of green stone. Instead they are flat black and marked by small square-like indentations. The ceiling is black with hundreds of white spots that give off light, mimicking the effect of a night sky. The atmosphere is slightly misty and smells pleasant, as the smell of rain just as it begins to fall. The door to the south is not decorated from this side, but the door to the east is decorated with another crescent moon.

Two large fans are hidden in the west wall, and if the east door is opened, they will start blowing air violently. The individual who opened the east door and anyone immediately adjacent to this position must save vs petrification or be blown out and fall about twenty feet (2d6 damage) onto the flat topped wall that joins the Inner and Outer Wards. Having hit this wall, there is a 4 in 6 chance that they will bounce off it and fall another fifty feet or so and land in the river rushing towards the waterfall (see Outer Ward Ground Floor Room 68), causing another 1d6 damage from impact on the water.

Those inside the room but not near the door must also save vs petrification or suffer 1d6 damage from a violent collision with the east wall. Very large creatures get a bonus to their saving throws based on size. Ogre-sized creatures are at +4 to save, for example, and hill giant-sized creatures are immune to the wind.

Anyone attempting to look out of or attempt rescue from the east door position is also subject to a saving throw to avoid facing the same fate.

If the east door is closed, the fans will stop.

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