Wednesday, December 31, 2014


21 CALANDRA'S ROOM. The door to this room is capable of being locked, but is not. This room was the bedroom of Calandra Triskelion, and her desiccated corpse lies on the bed with a dagger embedded in her forehead, as if driven there by tremendous force. She clasps to her arms a golden book. If it is disturbed, she will rise and attack as a mummy.

Calandra Triskelion, Mummy (AC 3; MV 6”; HD 6+3; hp 24; #AT 1; D 1-12; SA Fear, paralyzation, disease; SD Limited spell immunity; XP 1342)

Calandra's fear/paralyzation power will not take effect until she rises, of course. The book is a tome of clear thought. The dagger has a pommel inlaid with a semi-precious moonstone and it is valued at 90 gold crescents.

The walls are paneled in wood and decorated with maps and Triskelion banners. A wardrobe holds women's clothing and a standing mirror is here. A vanity with common toiletry items (combs, etc.) is also present.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


20 LIBRARY. This room is capable of being locked, but is not. It was the personal library of the historian Calandra Triskelion. The walls are paneled in wood and the wood floor is graced by elegant red carpets with blue frayed trim. The room is lit by four crystal globes on metal stands, each with a continual light spell cast upon it. Two comfortable padded chairs, each with a matching ottoman, are here. About three hundred books are here, but they have been thrown about the room and several have been damaged. They all relate to historical topics, but several books describe a much different history than any the adventurers may know. Because of the damage and pillaging, use the following table to estimate the worth of any book:

Ruined and illegible, no practical value
Very limited worth, 1d6 copper pieces
Moderately valuable, 2d4 silver spanners
Valuable, 1d8 gold crescents
A rare find, 1d20+10 gold crescents

Any book that is taken will weigh between 11 and 30 gp weight (1d20+10).

Monday, December 29, 2014


19 WASH ROOM. A giant snake has taken up residence here.

Giant Poisonous Snake (AC 5; MV 15”; HD 4+2; hp 22; #AT 1 bite; D 1-3; SA Poison; XP 275)

The bodies of two giants rats and a man have not yet been devoured. The man is dressed in normal chain mail armor and has 6 gold crescents, 64 silver spanners, and 16 copper pieces in his pouch. He also has a prosthetic peg-leg which is made of fine wood and inlaid with silver (worth up to 100 gold crescents to a collector of the bizarre or to a person with one leg).

This room is paneled in wood and is much nicer than most of the other wash rooms in the castle. The floor is tiled with brown stone and each stall is equipped with a privacy door. There are pumps and stone basins on both the east and west walls, providing warm and cool water. Wooden shelves hold fancy red and white towels. Lighting is supplied in the form of four crystal swans mounted on the wall. Each has a continual light spell cast upon it. In addition there are two glass skylights in the ceiling.

Sunday, December 28, 2014


18 SECRET CORRIDOR. This cramped corridor has a musty smell and the stone forming the walls is unfinished. Spy-holes allow observation into Rooms 11, 12, 17, and 30 of the Second Floor and the upper portion of Room 16 on the First Floor.

Saturday, December 27, 2014


17 CROSSBOW COLLECTION. On a table against the north wall are five unique heavy crossbows displayed on specially made wooden stands:

Finely made light crossbow in good condition, non magical but gives +2 to hit when used by someone with crossbow proficiency. Worth 85 gold crescents.
Antique light crossbow, not functional, but carries the mark of a master craftsman. Worth 15 gold crescents.
Heavy Crossbow +1, cursed backbiter, akin to the cursed spear, appears to be a well made crossbow worth about 8 gold crescents.
Non-magical black iron heavy crossbow. Twice as heavy but with a cunning spring that makes it twice as easy to load, can fire every round. Worth 90 gold crescents.
Heavy Crossbow of Speed, appears to be a well made crossbow worth about 8 gold crescents.

A barrel near the southeast corner holds three hundred and fifty six normal heavy crossbow bolts and two heavy crossbow bolts +1. A second barrel holds five hundred and sixteen light crossbow bolts. A rack against the west wall holds eight normal heavy crossbows and ten normal light crossbows.

The secret door in the southeast corner can be opened by pulling on a handhold formed when a loose brick is removed.

Friday, December 26, 2014


16 FEMALE SERVANTS' QUARTERS. During the day it is very unlikely that anyone will be here. At night ten little girls sleep here, guarded by one of the dingle mirks from Room 15.

There are three large plain glass windows. There are ten small beds and a wardrobe against the east wall containing child-sized female clothing. A hamper is near the south wall.

Thursday, December 25, 2014


15 MALE SERVANTS' QUARTERS. During the day this room will be deserted, but at night the twelve small boys who are prisoners of the drudge hag will be here. The hag will assign one of the dingle mirks from Room 15 to guard them to prevent an escape.

There are twelve small beds. A huge dresser against the west wall contains child-sized orange Triskelion uniforms. Near the north wall is a hamper.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014


These twin silver needles once belonged to Old Mother Night. They have the following qualities:
  • They strike as +1 weapons doing 1d3 points of damage +1 for the magical bonus. It is possible to strike with just one needle or to strike with one in each hand, in which case there are normal penalties for fighting with a weapon in each hand. For weapon proficiency, the needles should be considered daggers.
  • They act as +4, not +1, weapons against undead.
  • If both needles are grasped in one hand (not used to fight), they give a +4 bonus to saving throws against undead special attacks such as ghoul paralysis. If the attack is one that does not usually allow a saving throw, such as shadow strength drain, mummy rot, or energy drain, the possessor of the needles is entitled to one, though without a bonus. Holding the needles in such a way prevents one from using a shield in that hand.
  • Presenting the needles forcefully allows one to turn undead as if the possessor was a third level cleric.

XP VALUE: 1,500

GP VALUE: 8,000



FREQUENCY: Very rare
MOVE: 12”
% IN LAIR: 99%
DAMAGE/ ATTACK: By weapon type + 3 to damage due to strength
SAVE: Magic-user 6
ALIGNMENT: Lawful evil
SIZE: L (7½' tall)
LEVEL/ X.P. VALUE: VI/ 525 + 6/hp 

Drudge hags inhabit ruins or make their homes in hovels found deep in the wilderness. They are infamous kidnappers, and prefer to capture little girls and boys, whom they force to work for them.

Their captives are expected to clean all day long under constant threat of being devoured by the horrid hag. Bad little children are often warned by their parents to be good “or the drudge hag will get you!” In truth, the hag will capture any little boy or girl they can, bad or good.

Drudge hags can employ the following magic-user spells once per day: detect magic, locate object, polymorph other, polymorph self, read magic, reduce, remove curse, slow, and stinking cloud. They can also cast the cleric spell create food and water up to three times per day. The hag will create cold mush to feed her prisoners, or possibly candy or pie if she is trying to lure a child into her clutches. The polymorph self ability will be used to appear as a fair damsel, cute puppy, or shaggy pony for similar purposes. For purposes of spell effects, the hag should be considered eighth level.

A drudge hag can create crude servants called dingle mirks (q.v.). A hag can usually control up to nine or ten of these malformed creatures.

Drudge hags rely on short wands or carved fetish sticks which, although non-magical, allow them to focus their powers. If their stick is stolen or broken, their spells will fail 20% of the time, until they can replace it. If used in combat treat it as a club, remembering to add the hag's strength bonus of +3, due to the her 18/01-50 strength.

Drudge hags are confirmed pipesmokers and consume large amounts of alcoholic beverages. They will always have a large supply of these substances handy. Because of these habits, drudge hags will often have commerce with brigands or humanoids who can supply slaves, alcohol, and tobacco.

Description: The drudge hag appears a hideous, but strong and tall, old crone. Their skin is covered with blemishes and their clothes are always stinky and dirty. Their foul breath is matched only by their repulsive body odor.


14 SERVANTS' PLAY ROOM. During the day, the drudge hag will be here scolding and criticizing the thirteen children who are cleaning the room, scrubbing clothes, washing windows, and otherwise performing for the evil hag's twisted enjoyment. This is made even more awful by the fact that this used to be the children's play room which has now become a room of sadness and drudgery. She has five dingle mirks to help her oversee the children.

At night, the hag will send the children to bed and assign dingle mirks to guard them in Rooms 15 and 16. She will usually remain here smoking a huge pipe and drinking whiskey.

Moigda the Drudge Hag (AC 6; MV 12”; HD 5+1; hp 30; #AT 1; D By weapon type + 3 to damage due to strength; SA Magic use; XP 705)

She will preferentially use her spell-like powers of polymorph other (to a normal rat), reduce, and slow before meleeing if she can. She will reserve her stinking cloud ability for last hoping it will cover her retreat if things get desperate.

Moigda also carries the necromantic needles of Nox and a fetish stick carved with the faces of demons and animals. The needles are used preferentially against any undead opponents that she might encounter and she usually grasps them in her left hand with the fetish stick in her right hand. The fetish stick is used as a focus for her power and she stands a 20% failure rate for casting her spell-like abilities if it is lost or broken. She can also use it to strike in combat as if it were a club.

5 Dingle Mirks (AC 7; MV 12”; HD 2+1; hp 9, 6, 12, 7, 11; #AT 1; D 1-6; SD Regenerate 1 hit point each round; XP 77, 68, 86, 71, 83)

The dingle mirks are even more frightened of Moigda than the children are. They do not need to make morale saves in her presence.

As before, the children are between the ages of four and ten. They are scared but will be ecstatic if rescued. If the characters succeed in getting them out of the castle alive, they will have relatives waiting for them in Sarcoy. At the discretion of the Dungeon Master, it is recommended that the party be rewarded with a 100 xp bonus per child rescued, assuming that the Player Characters are good, of course.

Moigda has a giant armchair that she sits in and takes her ease while watching others work. She has a giant meerschaum pipe (25 gold crescent value to a collector) and a supply of alcoholic beverages: thirteen bottles of whiskey, six of brandy, and seventeen of sour wine.

Hidden in the base of the chair is a compartment that can be opened by pressing a hidden stud on the armrest. Moigda believes it to be secret but all the children know it is there. It holds a 50 gold crescent onyx, a 1000 gold crescent black opal, and a tiny silver sarcophagus holding the body of a mummified monkey (sarcophagus 200 gold crescents; mummy no value).

Four plain glass windows in the north wall. A huge locked toy bin is here (Moigda has the key). It holds dolls and simple wooden toys like blocks and toy swords. The small closet in the southwest corner holds mops, brooms, soap, wash basins, and other cleaning supplies.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014



FREQUENCY: Very rare
MOVE: 12”
% IN LAIR: 100%
SAVE: Fighter 3
MORALE: 61%, but see below
ALIGNMENT: Lawful evil
SIZE: S (4' tall)
LEVEL/ X.P. VALUE: III/ 50 + 3/hp

Dingle mirks have the appearance of unwholesome beardless dwarves with warty pale flesh and faces of surprising ugliness. Slightly bloated and clammy to the touch, dingle mirks are always naked, but have no gender.

Dingle mirks attack by means of striking with their fists, doing 1d6 damage on a successful hit. They act as enforcers and guards for drudge hags, keeping prisoners from escaping and performing any other jobs which the drudge hag fancies.

Dingle mirks are not particularly brave, but need never make a morale role in the presence of their drudge hag because they are always more afraid of her than they are of anything else. When struck in combat, their wounds are bloodless and they regenerate one hit point each melee round.

Dingle mirks are created by drudge hags out of leaves, twigs, and dirt and if brought to zero hit points or if their drudge hag is killed, they collapse back into their base components. A drudge hag will sometimes leave the dingle mirks alone in the lair while she tries to capture another child. However, if she doesn't return within a day the dingle mirks will fall apart, so she is careful to come back in time to spare.


13 WASH ROOM. During the day four dingle mirks will be here guarding nine children who are scrubbing toilets, washing the floor, and generally cleaning up. During the night, the dingle mirks will be here alone making a mess for the children to clean the next day.

4 Dingle Mirks (AC 7; MV 12”; HD 2+1; hp 8, 12, 9, 4; #AT 1; D 1-6; SD Regenerate 1 hit point each round; XP 74, 86, 77, 62)

The children are between the ages of four and ten. Each will be clad in rags. They are frightened, cold, and tired from hard work but will be in good spirits if they sense the ability to be rescued. Older children will be able to give information about the drudge hag and dingle mirks in Room 15. They are afraid to run away on their own because of all the monsters wandering around.

In the center of the room is a large (eight foot diameter) pool, with a centrally located pump for water. The pool was used by the servants to bathe. There are four small glass skylights and the toilets are worked into the walls.



A drudge hag has captured the little boy and girl servants who live here. For the last three years she has been terrorizing them and forcing them to clean all day, feeding them only gruel, yucky fish stew, and bland bread. The drudge hag is served by another new monster dingle mirks, dwarf-like creations of unwholesome aspect.

Monday, December 22, 2014


12 WAX STORAGE ROOM. Twenty three huge blocks of firm white wax are here. Six have been partially carved into shapes that correspond to human body parts and white shavings are all over the floor. One of these carvings is a giant-sized arm which will attack suddenly surprising on a 1-3.

Giant Wax Arm (AC 9; MV 1”; HD 7; hp 30; #AT 1; D 1-8 + 7 due to hill giant strength; SD Limited spell immunity; XP 590)

This arm should be treated as a wax golem and has their normal immunities and vulnerabilities (immune to cold-based and mind-influencing magic, fire causes +3 on attack dice to it.)

Metal sculpting tools are on a short bench against the west wall and a few white smocks are on the floor, although there are hooks in the south wall upon which to hang them. The process for creating wax golems requires trace amounts of gold, and there are three gold wires on a shelf (15 gold crescents each).

Sunday, December 21, 2014


11 WAX GOLEM WORKSHOP. This room features a large slab of granite similar to the one found in Room 10, but different arcane symbols are carved on it. There is a large table against the west wall.

Upon the table rests four hermetically sealed leaded crystal bottles. Each contains four gallons of fluid: watery green fluid, yellow lamp oil, viscous orange fluid, and clear unholy water. The green and orange fluids are made poisonous.

Saturday, December 20, 2014


10 FLESH GOLEM WORKSHOP. A large slab of granite (about twenty feet by twenty feet by one feet high) is in the center of the room. Four tables, each about nine feet long, are against the north wall. Upon one of them is the rotting corpse of an (un-animated) flesh golem. Six vats are against the south wall.

Various obscure alchemical and mystical sigils are carved on the granite slab. The other tables hold dirty surgical implements. The vats contain alcohol solution and recognizable body parts from humans, demi-humans, and humanoids.

Friday, December 19, 2014


9 BONE MUSEUM. This room is dark and a thirty foot long skeleton of a dragon is facing the adventurers, likely resulting in a shock for the party. The two forward projecting horns help identify it as a black dragon, held together with wire and resin. Four additional labeled skeletal displays are here, one in each corner. They are: a giant boar in the northwest, a griffon in the northeast, a bear in the southeast, and a six headed hydra in the southwest. The griffon skeleton is animated and will attack if approached within 10'.

Griffon Skeleton (AC 5; MV 12”; HD 7; hp 32; #AT 2 claws and 1 bite; D 1-4/1-4/2-16; SD Sharp weapons score half damage only, immune to sleep, charm, hold, cold; XP 606)

Thursday, December 18, 2014


8 PULP LIBRARY. This large room is paneled in wood. A fire place is in the west wall and several blue rugs are on the floor. There are several chairs and candelabras. The walls contain shelves filled with thousands of ribald and off-color books. Most of these are worth about 1 copper piece for every twenty.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


7 READING ROOM. A comfortable chair and matching ottoman are in the center of the room. Sitting on the chair and reading a book is a particularly vile undead entity.

The Green Man, Restless Dead (AC 9; MV 12”; HD 6+3; hp 29; #AT 2; D 1-4/1-4; SA Cold touch for 1-4; SD Limited spell immunity; XP 747).

It has taken corporeal form resembling a brown-green man with empty black voids where its eyes should be. The Green Man is immune to cold and mind-influencing spells such as hold, sleep, and charm but can be turned as a special undead creature. It attacks with two claw-like hands for 1-4 points of damage each round, and anyone struck by this horrible creature must save versus magic or suffer an additional 1-4 points of cold damage. Attacking the Green Man causes pieces of putrid-smelling flaky flesh to fly off and when it is reduced to 0 hit points it will collapse into disgusting paste, which will turn to foul smelling smoke and then dissipate.

The book is an incredibly long novel written in the Gothic style and is worth 2 silver spanners to a collector. A fireplace is in the west wall and a bear rug is on the floor. There is also a candelabra with yellow candles which smell of bergamot.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


6 LABORATORY. The door to this room is wizard-locked by a 16th level magic-user.

The walls of this room are plain dressed stone, though stained by the adverse effects of various alchemical experiments. The floors are wood with the occasional metal reinforcement or platform of flat metal to provide a tough surface in the event of spills. Five large plain glass windows are in the north wall. Four large glass orbs are suspended from the ceiling, each with a continual light spell cast upon it.

Along the north wall are a series of four workbenches.

The first workbench is in the northwest corner. The workbench space is limited and the majority of the area is dedicated to shelves featuring containers of various liquids. The following labeled liquids are here in glass flasks of varying shape, color, and size:
  • vinegar
  • aqua regia
  • black dragon spittle
  • troll blood
  • vrock ichor
  • potion of healing (blue liquid, tastes of apples)
  • potion of fire giant strength (gray and cloudy, tastes like ash)
  • olive oil
  • giant squid sepia
  • nixie tears
  • rust monster blood
  • 100 proof alcohol

There are also the following flasks without labels or with damaged, unreadable labels:
  • ammonia
  • chlorine
  • cyanide
  • mind flayer cerebrospinal fluid
  • beholder vitreous
  • potion of delusion (violet, tastes like rosewater)

In addition, there are four labeled vials of holy water and five of unholy water (each contained in a special leaded glass vial).

There are four large labeled glass bottles containing:
  • distilled water
  • lamp oil
  • basilisk bile
  • salt water

Finally, there are six labeled metal flasks, each stoppered with a metal stopper:
  • fire elemental phlogiston (hot to the touch)
  • giant skunk spray
  • killer whale amniotic fluid
  • hydra bone marrow
  • vampire blood
  • green dragon urine.

The second workbench is immediately adjacent to the first. It is primarily a workspace for managing fluids and vapors. It is occupied with various alembics, tubing, flasks, test tubes, stirring rods, retorts, pipettes, and such items. It also holds an alchemy jug.

The third workbench was used for managing solid materials. It is covered with dishes, mortars, pestles, scales, crucibles, tongs, measuring spoons, and other similar equipment.

The final workbench, in the northeast corner, is used for storage of solids. Thousands of glass vials are here and the following are but a smattering of their constituents: bezoars, sea salt, brown sugar, lye, wolfs-bane, manticore dung, sulfur, cobwebs, newt's eyes, bat guano, and all of the herbs listed in Appendix J of the Dungeon Master's Guide (including garlic, belladonna, and mistletoe). In general, if the spell casters in the party need to find a spell component, it will probably be here, although valuable or living components (gems, powdered silver, live spiders or crickets, etc.) will not.

A massive brick oven is in the center of the room. Three braziers are nearby and heavy gloves, and spectacles are on a small table nearby. Aprons and other protective clothing hang from pegs in the west wall. It is obvious that it has not been used in some time.

A small bookcase against the east wall contains eleven large tomes.

  • Seven are rare books on alchemy, some of them written by Vittorino himself (and each worth between 31 and 130 (1D100+30) gold crescents)
  • One is a treatise on homunculi (containing the spells mending, mirror image, and wizard eye)
  • Three are workbooks of potion recipes from Vittorino's personal collection. They are labeled III, VII, and VIII. Book III contains recipes for the following potions: bear control, diminution, fire resistance, and healing. Book VII contains recipes for fire giant strength, philter of love, reptile control, and ghoul control. Book VIII is slightly damaged and only two recipes are legible: delusion and heroism.

The recipes allow a potion to be made by a 7th level magic-user without the need for an alchemist's input, and for half the normal price. Rules for potion making are on page 116 of the Dungeon Master's Guide. Having a recipe is not sufficient for making a potion. The character must still be of sufficient level and have the proper ingredients.

Monday, December 15, 2014


5 VITTORINO'S BEDROOM. This room is equipped with a lock, but is not locked. This room is currently inhabited by Vittorino's homunculous

Homunculous (AC 6; MV 6”/18”; HD 2; hp 14; #AT 1 bite; D 1-3; SA Bite causes sleep; SA Saves as MU16; XP 109)

The homunculous has a neutral alignment, like irs creatror. It cannot speak, so it carries around a tiny chalkboard that it uses to communicate. This creature will not attack the party but will ask that they respect Vittorino's possessions. It is trapped here because it cannot get past the wight in Room 4. If convinced that the party has Vittorino's interests in mind and that they can reunite it with Vittorino, it may help them. If attacked it will attempt to flee. If the party kills the homunculous and later meets Vittorino, the alchemist will be very upset with the characters.

There is a comfortable but seldom used bed and a wardrobe with robes and cloaks with stars and moons on them. A spare wizard's hat rests on a nightstand next to a candle and a scroll of the third level magic spell gust of wind.

Sunday, December 14, 2014


4 VITTORINO'S ANTECHAMBER. The door to this room is capable of being locked, but is not. This room was part of the skilled alchemist Vittorino Triskelion's habitation. The place is haunted by a wight, the undead remnant of Vittorino's apprentice, Bolivar.

Wight (AC 5; MV 12”; HD 4+3; hp 29; #AT 1; D 1-4; SA Energy drain; SD Silver or magic weapons to hit, limited spell immunity; XP 425)

Bolivar was attacked and killed by a wight while defending his master's laboratory. Since that wight was later destroyed, Bolivar has emerged as a full-strength wight and returned to haunt his previous place of employment.

The room is sparsely furnished, as Vittorino was more concerned with alchemical experiments and gathering data than he was with furnishing his antechamber. There are a few tables, chairs, and unlit candelabras. A pair of ordinary gray leather boots are next to the door.

Saturday, December 13, 2014


3 LANDING. The floor is stone and four torches are set into the walls, but are unlit. A decorative gargoyle head is mounted above the archway and a normal Triskelion shield hangs on the east wall. The stairs go up to Room 1 on the Third Floor.

Friday, December 12, 2014


2 WEAPON LOCKER. The walls are stone and lined by wooden racks for holding weapons. There are seventeen glaives and forty two spears here, all in good condition.

The secret door can be opened by a trick wooden latch on one of the weapon racks. It connects this room via a passage to Room 20 of the Second Floor in the Outer Ward.

Thursday, December 11, 2014


1 REFLECTING ROOM. All the walls of the room are covered with normal mirrors, except for the five glass windows to the north. Even the door has a mirror on it.

Inner Ward Second Floor Wandering Monsters

Wandering monsters are fairly rare on this level, with undead dominating as they roam at night. During the day, various scavengers can be found. Roll for random encounters using 1d12 once every six turns. On a 1, there is an encounter. Double the odds if the group is making a lot of noise or in similar situations.

Random Encounters

1d4 carver bugs
1d2 ghasts
1 glutinous gunge
1d6+2 ghouls
1 gray ooze
1d4+1 restless dead “The Hungry”
1 screaming scum
1d2 shadows
1d3 wax golem sentries
1d3 wax golem sentries
2d4 trigintepedes
2d4+2 zombies
Place creature from nearby room
Place creature from nearby room
Place creature from distant room
Place creature from distant room
Place creature from adjacent level
Place creature from adjacent level
Dungeon Dressing
Dungeon Dressing

Carver Bug
Carver Bug (AC 5; MV 12"; HD 2; #AT 2 claws; D 2-9/2-9; SA +1 to hit, attacks as sword of sharpness; XP 28 + 2/hp)

These ghasts are marked by daubs of bright gold paint in odd patterns on their horrible bodies.
Ghast (AC 4; MV 15”; HD 4; #AT 2 claws, 1 bite; D 1-4/1-4/1-8; SA Nausea, Paralysis; SD Limited spell immunity; XP 190+4/hp)

These ghouls are painted entirely in gold. They were imprisoned by Armand for his amusement but have since gotten free.
Ghoul (AC 6; MV 9"; HD 2; #AT 2 claws, 1 bite; D 1-3/1-3/1-6; SA Paralysis; SD Limited spell immunity; XP 65 + 2/hp)

Glutinous Gunge
Glutinous Gunge (AC 5; MV 3”; HD 3+2; #AT 1; D 2-8; SD Sticky; XP 85+4/hp)

Gray Ooze
Gray Ooze (AC 8; MV 1”; HD 3+3; #AT 1; D 2-16; SA Corrosive properties; SD Immune to spells, heat, cold; XP 200 + 5/hp)

Restless Dead “The Hungry”
The Hungry, Restless Dead (AC 8; MV 9”; HD 2+2; #AT 1 bite; D 2-9; SD Limited spell immunity; XP 50 + 3/hp)
The Hungry float about a foot above the ground. Their faces are a giant mouth with no other features and their arms are shriveled and useless. They attack by bending forward suddenly, biting to draw forth desired flesh.  They are immune to sleep, charm, and hold, as well as cold-based attacks.  They can be turned as if they were shadows.

Screaming Scum
Screaming Scum (AC 7; MV 6”; HD 4+1; #AT 1; D 1-4; SA Drain blood for 2-8; SD Scream; XP 110 + 4/hp)

Shadow (AC 7; MV 12”; HD 3+3; hp 12; #AT 1; D 2-5; SA Strength drain; SD Magic weapon to hit, limited spell immunity; XP 255 +4/hp)

Trigintipede (AC 7; MV 15”; HD 2; #AT 1 bite; D 2-5; SA Weakness; XP 65 + 2/hp)

Wax Golem Sentry
They appear as gray skinned warriors with black-on-black eyes and faces lacking any sign of emotion. Metal plates are implanted in their bodies giving the equivalent of banded armor. They attack anyone not wearing an obvious Triskelion insignia (signet ring, uniform, etc.) on their clothes or person.
Wax Golem Sentries (AC 4; MV 9”; HD 4; hp 15 each; #AT 1; D Broad sword; SD Limited spell immunity; XP 145 each)

These unfortunate ones have dozens of small and large rusty iron spikes driven through their bodies. A strange aesthetic choice by their creator, perhaps, but not one that hinders them.
Zombie (AC 8; MV 6"; HD 2; #AT 1; D 1-8; SA Always lose initiative; SD Limited spell immunity; XP 20 + 2/hp)

Dungeon Dressing


Everyone has a “pins and needles” sensation in their legs and fingers
Footsteps in the distance fade away into nothingness
Quiet sobbing, can't tell which direction its coming from
Puddle of rusty water
Bag holds writhing mass of maggots
Laughing/shrieking sound echoes and disappears
Gust of wind, it carries metallic grit which stings your eyes
Sudden cold spot about four feet wide, animals want to avoid it
Short stick holds odd runes written in blood
Whispering, sounds like a nursery rhyme

Encounter Key: Inner Ward Second Floor

The Second Floor of the Inner Ward was the living quarters for several members of the Triskelion family, although there are a number of important specialty rooms and various work spaces used by the Triskelions to practice their professions or diversions.

The majority of the rooms are of dressed stone, with wooden beams supporting the ceilings. Floors are made of wood planks, except as noted elsewhere. Ceiling height generally is sixteen feet. Many rooms have cressets for torches or have candle-holders built into the walls.

This level directly connects to the Third Floor, the First Floor, and the Ground Level of the Inner Ward and it also connects to the Second Floor of the Outer Ward by means of a secret passage in Room 2.

While there are no real factions of men or bandits on the level, there are two important encounters that set the tone for the level.

REMNANTS OF THE GHOUL CULT. This level was where Armand Triskelion lived when he was above ground and he developed a secret temple in Room 39. Since his disgrace and defeat and the downfall of the castle, several of his ghouls and ghasts have returned to haunt the area, led by his former lover Margyre, now a ghast herself.

THE DRUDGE HAG. In Room 14 dwells a terrible drudge hag who relies oh her great strength and a magic item to protect herself and her servants from the undead who infest the level.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


65 MASTER CURRIER'S ROOM. The door to this room is capable of being locked, but is actually wide open. An undersized ochre jelly has made its home here.

Ochre Jelly (AC 8; MV 3”; HD 6; hp 18; #AT 1 touch; D 3-12; SD Lightning divides in half; XP 258)

The room was used by the master currier and his family. The walls are decorated by woven red and green hangings. Two candelabras, a large bed, a dresser, a standing mirror, a wardrobe, and two cribs are here. The dresser and wardrobes contain a few articles of men's and women's clothing and a small purse with 16 silver spanners and 14 copper pieces. A wooden fork and bowl are on the ground.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


64 MAIDS' CHAMBERS. This dark place has become a refuge for four female ghouls dressed in dirty maids' uniforms.

4 Ghouls (AC 6; MV 9"; HD 2; hp 12, 10, 9, 8; #AT 2 claws, 1 bite; D 1-3/1-3/1-6; SA Paralysis; SD Limited spell immunity; XP 89, 85, 83, 81)

The ghouls hide here by day and hunt at night. There are eight beds, three wardrobes holding more uniforms, and three unlit candelabras. The floor is littered with bones but no wealth.

Monday, December 8, 2014


63 ROOM OF MYSTERY. This room will appear differently each time it is visited. Roll a 1d20 to determine what room is found each time the door is opened.

Room 1: The room is 10'x10'. A throne holds a diamond resting on a plush red cushion, it is actually a glass fake.

Room 2: A 5'x2½' broom closet with brooms and mops.

Room 3: There is no room, the doorway is blocked with red bricks.

Room 4: The room is 20'x20' a pool of pink syrup is here. A drink will heal 3-12 hit points to the first character who tries, then the liquid will turn into green slime.

Green Slime (AC 8; MV 0”; HD 2; hp 13; #AT 1 (drip); D Turn to slime in 1-4 rounds; SA Corrosive properties; XP 626)

Room 5: The room is 20'x25', it is a library but the books are filled with blank pages.

Room 6: There is no room. The door opens into outer space and galaxies, stars, planets, and comets can be seen. Strangely, the characters are completely safe unless they step out into the void.

Room 7: The room is 30'x40', it is the den of two giant scorpions.

2 Giant Scorpions (AC 3; MV 15”; HD 5+5; hp 17 each; #AT 2 claws and 1 sting; D 1-10/1-10/1-4; SA Poison sting; XP 752 each)

Room 8: The room is a 10'x10'. A real diamond sits on a plush red cushion on a throne. Its value is 7500 gold crescents.

Room 9: The room is 20'x35', a painting of a clock is against the far wall, the handles of the clock are moving and it is the correct time.

Room 10: The room is 10'x10', an envelope sits on the floor. It holds a currently due and bona fide tavern bill for one of the characters (3 silver spanners, roll character randomly). They will be forced to pay it as if geased.

Room 11: The room is a water closet, 10'x10'.

Room 12: The room is 30'x40', it holds a giant floating head identical to the one in Room 62, except it is real.

Giant Floating Head (AC 7; MV 3”; HD 6; hp 40; #AT 1; D Small fireball for 3-18; SD Immune to fire; XP 565)

The giant floating head will not give chase if the party flees.

Room 13: The room is 10'x30', it is a pantry filled with jars of pickles.

Room 14: The room is 20'x25', a silver flute (30 gold crescents) and sheet music are on a table.

Room 15: The room is 10'x25', a swinging log trap launches itself towards the party. The persons in the first row must save vs petrification at -4 to dodge or take 4-16 points of damage. The persons in the second row must save vs petrification or take 2-8 points of damage.

Room 16: The room is 30'x40', but the ceiling is 50' high. A wooden wand is in the middle of the floor. It is a fake, but written on it is the word “Caramel”. A key is on a hook 40' off the floor, above the doorway. A cupboard is located 30' off the floor, located on the far wall. The cupboard is locked, but can be opened by the key. It contains a real wand of frost (75 charges), which works when the command word “Caramel” is used.

Room 17: Two skeletons are sparring with longswords. If interrupted, they will attack the adventurers. The room is 20'x20'.

2 Skeletons (AC 7; MV 12"; HD 1; hp 8 each; #AT 1; D Longsword; SD Sharp weapons score half damage only, limited spell immunity; XP 26 each)

Room 18: A djinn lives in this 20'x30' room. He will magically create any one food each adventurer wishes before disappearing. The food is delicious and nourishing (heals 2-5 hit points, or heals any one disease or curse that the character has). He is affable but will perform no other service.

Djinn (AC 4; MV 9”/24”; HD 7+3; hp 33; #AT 1; D 2-16; SA Whirlwind, magic use, SD Resist air-based damage; XP 890)

Room 19: The room is 25'x35'. A structure in the center of the room resembles a raised ship's wheel turned on its side so it is horizontal. If all the adventurers enter the room and close the door, the room will begin spinning wildly. Anyone who does not grab onto the wheel must save versus petrification be thrown against a wall and suffer 1d4 damage.

When the room stops spinning the door will open by itself, and the adventurers will find themselves in a cave located 1 mile from the castle. No return trip is possible by means of the door in the cave, as it now opens onto solid rock. A cave entrance is present, however, and the party may exit that way.

Room 20: The room is 10'x10'. If all of the adventurers enter the room and close the door, they will feel the room rise (50%) or descend (50%), like an elevator. When the room stops, the door will open by itself, revealing one of the other 19 rooms in this list. If the door is closed and opened again, it will lead to the hallway.

The Dungeon Master should not reuse the rooms, or do so sparingly. If the Room of Mystery is visited more than 20 times, you are encouraged to add rewards and dangers of your own devising.