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10 ROOM OF POSSESSION. The door to this room is decorated with this symbol:

A yellow crystal throne is near the east wall, huge as if sized for a giant. In front of it is green stone table holding yellow crystals. The ceiling gives off a golden glow. There are no windows.

The throne is a method of communicating with the consciousnesses of the beings whose minds are imprisoned within the yellow crystals. It is a dangerous tool, because it allows the imprisoned minds to attempt one magic jar to attempt to gain control of the seated questioner. Naturally a mind blank or scroll of protection from possession will cause the magic jar to fail.

The person sitting on the chair need only concentrate on one of the crystals (selecting it to focus on out of the group is enough). The mind in the crystal gets one attempt to magic jar and if it succeeds it trades consciousness with the questioner's body, with the seated one's mind now going into the crystal. If it fails, the person in the throne may ask questions of the crystals and they are compelled to answer. If one of the entities does possess an adventurer, the way to reverse the process is to force the possessed body to sit back on the throne and look at a crystal.

There are six crystals, in order from left to right they hold the minds of the following:

Zehardy of Lockwood
A troll
Gambrelli Stonehand
A rust monster
Callismus Mabingion

1. Zehardy of Lockwood, Chaotic Evil male half-elf Thief (T6; I 11, W 9, Ch 13)

Thief skills: PP 65%, OL 47% F/RT 45% MS 47% HS 42% HN 20% CW 92% RL 30%

Zehardy is as ruthless as he is greedy. If he succeeds in possessing a subject he may run away with his new body or try to deceive that he is the possessed person if he thinks he can get away with it. He has been in the crystal for the last 40 years.

2. Troll (Intelligence 6)

This troll has been in the crystal for about 10 years. If it wins a new body, it will fearlessly attack. It would prefer to bite and claw, but should that prove ineffective, it will resort to using a weapon.

3. Gambrelli Stonehand, Lawful Good female mountain dwarf Fighter (F7; I 10, W 13, Ch 11)

Gambrelli has been trapped for 2 years, her body was possessed when she sat on the throne. If she has succeeded in possessing a good person, she will allow herself to be put back in the crystal, but beg the party to help her find her real body.

4. Palatinate, a very old male spell-casting blue dragon (Intelligence 12)

First Level Magic User Spells:
Feather Fall, Nystul's Magic Aura, Push

Second Level Magic User Spells:
Levitate, Magic Mouth, Web

Third Level Magic User Spells:

Palatinate was captured and put in the crystal about 75 years ago. He is aching for a chance to be free but hates the thought of possessing a human. As is common to dragons, he considers himself to be superior to humans and other beings in every way.

5. Rust Monster (Intelligence 1)

If this rust monster succeeds in possessing a character it will attempt to lick, chew, and swallow pieces of metal, possibly with dangerous consequences for the possessed body.

6. Callismus Mabingion, Lawful Evil male human magic-user (MU 5; I 17, W 10, Ch 15)

First Level Magic User Spells:
Magic Missile, Sleep

Second Level Magic User Spells:

Callismus has been imprisoned for about 6 years. He has already used some of his spell slots and those he has above are the only ones he has left. He is very intelligent and if he succeeds in possessing a body he will do anything to avoid being placed back into the crystal. He will certainly try to deceive the party into believing he is the possessed character if he thinks he can pull it off. If he does, he will later try to do away with any troublesome adventurers.

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