Thursday, June 4, 2015


95 PELLEAS'S LIBRARY. Two koalinths are here, fruitlessly looking for a cookbook on how to cook a boar.

2 Koalinths (AC 5; MV 9”//9”; HD 1+1; hp 9, 3; #AT 1; D Black iron trident; XP 38, 26)

Each has 3d8 copper pieces and 2d4 gold crescents.

The room is the personal library of Pelleas Triskelion. The east walls contain windows and a fireplace, while the other walls are lined by book shelves. A large desk and sturdy chair are near the south wall.

On the desk are twelve sheets of fine vellum worth 8 gold crescents each, forty six sheets of parchment worth 4 gold crescents each, and several inkpots and quills. A locked drawer holds three special vials of green ink which are useful in scribing druidic scrolls and a bag of holding (weight 35 pounds, weight limit 1000 pounds, volume limit 150 cubic feet) containing 2269 gold crescents, 84 silver spanners, and 99 copper pieces.

The book shelves are not near full, but there are fifty six books. One is a technical journal which is written in code and is incomprehensible. A comprehend languages will allow the journal to be read, however, and it describes Pelleas's bizarre scientific experiments with marine lifeforms. It is not particularly useful but would be worth up to 2000 gold crescents to a sage with a specialization similar to Pelleas's. Five of the books are detailed scientific studies on marine and aquatic life. These are rare and expensive, valued at 21 to 40 (1d20+20) gold crescents each. The next fifty one books are concerned with more general physical phenomena, such as geology, physics, and oceanography, and are each worth between 2 and 5 (1d4+1) gold crescents.

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