Sunday, June 28, 2015


9F PROPHET OF THE CAVE. As this cave is approached, the party will notice the worked stone of the corridor gives way to bare rock. This cave has a height varying between nine and seventeen feet. The room is lit by impressive looking torches which burn without consuming fuel. At the opposite end from the entrance is the large head of the prophetic dragon, sticking through the entrance to Room 9G.

Rasnec The Prophet, Neutral very old unique dragon (AC 0; MV 1”; HD 20; hp 140; #AT 1 bite; D 4-40; SA Breath weapon, magic use, fear aura; SD Detect hidden or invisible creatures within 7”, saving throw bonus; Size L; XP 22000)

Rasnec wears a huge mask made of bronze which covers the hole leading to Room 9G, giving the impression that it is mounted on the wall. Rasnec will immediately know all magic items belonging to and dweomers placed upon a visitor if he or she has visited Room 9C. He will also know the alignment of a visitor if he or she has visited Room 9E. He can choose to speak or may use a form of telepathy that will allow him to communicate with anyone or anything that possesses sentience.

If given 100 gold mabans (they may be placed upon the floor), Rasnec will go into a trance and answer one question posed to him. The answer will be truthful and as accurate as the Dungeon Master wishes or is able to make it. The visitor may then leave.

Rasnec doesn't like to be annoyed. If he is attacked or otherwise discomforted, he will attack with his breath weapon, a blast of fire that will fill all of Room 9F and extend to the wall of force. Like other dragons, the breath weapon does damage equal to his hit points, half if a save is made. It can be used thrice per day. He can also bite (requiring him to take off his mask) or use one each of the following magic effects once per round as if he were a 20th level magic-user: charm person, ESP, and fear. Once per day he can cast cone of cold, feeblemind, and disintegrate. His neck is long, like a snake and can extend to anywhere in Room 9F, or it can be retracted into Room 9G.

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