Thursday, June 18, 2015


3 ROOM OF EVOCATION. The door to this room is decorated with this symbol:

A two-foot high green marble table is in the center of the room. The ceiling is made of an unusual white material and gives off light equivalent to daylight. There are no windows.

Written on the table is the words “One creates from nothing” and the same symbol as above, indicating evocation.

In this room it is possible to create something literally out of nothing. The room allows an individual to create a non-living item on the stone table. Only normal, inanimate things can be created, not golems, magic items, living things, or the like. However, it is possible to create energy, such as fire, light, electricity, or even noise. Any physical object created must be able to fit on the table, which is six feet long by four feet wide. The Dungeon Master has the right to limit the worth of items. For example, a limit of up to 100 gold crescent value for precious metals, gems, or other items created is suggested. Treasures created in this fashion are not earned and therefore do not contribute to experience points.

The chance of successfully creating an item is equal to one's intelligence added to one's level in percentile. Clerics gain an extra +5% to their roll, druids and magic-users +10%, and illusionists +15%. If the roll is failed, the item will still be created but will have fatal flaw, potentially making it useless or dangerous based on the Dungeon Master's assessment. If it is energy, there is a 50% chance it will rebound on the creator, causing damage based on the Dungeon Master's assessment and how badly the character failed the roll. Material items created last forever or until a dispel magic is cast upon them, in which case they use the creator's level to resist the spell. Items created will radiate evocation type magic.

It takes one turn to create an item. Afterwards, the individual is mentally and emotionally drained and must rest another 1d4 turns, during which time no walking, fighting, spell-casting, etc. can be accomplished. The stone table can be used up to three times in a 12 hour period.

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