Wednesday, June 24, 2015


9 ROOM OF DIVINATION. In the center of the room stands a large rectangular pillar, with a door on the east aspect. The ceiling radiates a golden light. The door to the north is decorated by black circle while the door to the south is decorated with a black pentagram inside of a sunburst. The archways to the north and east each have a bearded man's face carved into the keystones. There are no windows. The secret door on the east wall is apparent from this side as it's stone is a lighter shade of green. Moving a lever placed next to it will cause it to open or close.

On the door to the pillar is this symbol:

Inside the pillar is a hallway which obviously violates physics as it runs for several dozen feet. This is actually a portal to another dimension, the Dusk Realm. The stone beyond the portal is black and appears dry and flaky. Ceiling height is ten feet in worked corridors and rooms.

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