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6 ROOM OF ILLUSION/ PHANTASM. The door to this room is made of a strange green marble veined in purple. It is marked by this symbol in dark purple outlined with gold:
The gold is real and worth 75 gold crescents if dug out somehow. A dagger will suffice to perform this chore.

When entered this room always appears different. Roll below:

Room Appearance
A tavern
A different room in the castle
Inside of a tent
A forest
Underwater coral reef
A desert
A room set up like a birthday party
A cavern
A roc's nest on a mountain-top
On the back of an enormous turtle
A graveyard
On top of a giant eyeball

If a party visits more than a dozen times just make up more. There is always ambient light in the room. No matter what the room looks like it will always have 11 inhabitants. These might look like pieces of furniture, stalagmites, or standard inhabitants of the locale. They are actually the heads of a demi-shadow hydra.

Demi-Shadow Hydra of 11 Heads (AC 5 (or 8); MV 9”; HD 11; hp 33 (3 for each head); #AT 11 bites; D 1d10 (or 1d4) X 11; SA 1-4 attacks on same opponent; SD All heads must be killed to slay; XP 1703)

The heads might look like monsters, in which case they will try to bite normally. If they look like something else, like men, they will form jaws from a portion of their substance and attack with that. It will not be obvious that the separate parts join together to form a body, unless the observer can see through illusions. Each person must save versus spells each time the room is entered to attempt to disbelieve, even if they have previously successfully disbelieved on a prior visit to the room. If they make their saving throw and disbelieve they will be able to treat the demi-shadow hydra as it truly is, only quasi-real. It will have an AC of 8 and do 1d4 damage.

There is a 40% chance that the demi-shadow hydra will remember that it is not supposed to attack anyone wearing a silver robe with blue comets on it. It cannot leave the room or it will vanish.

If the demi-shadow hydra is vanquished, the room will revert to its true form, with green stone walls, ceiling, and floor. A waterfall is against the north wall. There are no windows. The ceiling is green and gives off an eerie glow that is enough to see by.

Written above the waterfall is the phrase “Seeing is believing”. The water of the waterfall appears from somewhere behind the north wall about six feet off the floor, falls about five feet and disappears before it hits the ground. The effect of the water fall is similar to, but not exactly the same as, a legend lore or identify spell. Any item placed behind the waterfall will reveal something about its nature. A mundane item may reveal where it was made or the name of its creator. An animal or person may reveal where it was born, who its parents were, or its alignment. Invisible, polymorphed, or illusory things will appear as they actually are. Magic items may reveal their use or number of charges. The exact effect is left to Dungeon Master fiat. The knowledge about the item will be obvious by sight or be implanted into the mind of the observers.

The waterfall may be used three times before the water temporarily disappears for 12 hours. The room will remain inert during this time before reverting to its attack form.

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