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7 ROOM OF ENCHANTMENT. The door to this room is marked by the following brass symbol:

This room holds five potted fruit trees. The walls are dull green stone and the ceiling emits light that is exactly the same as bright moonlight. There are no windows.

The trees are magic and each bears 1 unusual fruit.

Blue diamondfruit
Green cloverfruit
Orange starfruit
Pink heartfruit
Yellow moonfruit

The blue diamondfruit is an octahedron (like an 8-sided die) with the color of sapphire. Those who consume the blue diamondfruit must make a saving throw versus spells. If it is successful, they will experience a windfall of 1d100+400 gold crescents in value over the next week. Those who fail the saving throw will suffer a loss of 1d100+400 gold crescents, possibly resulting in debt. The fruit has a taste similar to blueberries. Its seeds (1d4+4 per fruit) are actually tiny nuggets of gold, worth 1d6 gold crescents each. If the seeds are planted, they will grow miniature trees that will produce a tiny sapphire worth 100 gold crescents base value.

The green cloverfruit tree bears green fruit resembling apples, but instead of having a spherical shape, it consists of four equal sized lobes. Eating green cloverfruit calls for a saving throw versus spells. Those who fail will suffer as if they carry a stone of weight for 1d4+3 days, while those who succeed will thrive as if they held a stone of good luck for 1d4+3 days.

Orange starfruit resembles normal starfruit (carambola), but has a rich orange color instead of the green or yellow green associated with that fruit. Those who consume it must save versus spells at -2 or they will suffer from confusion for 1d6+4 rounds. Confused individuals will react as follows:

Die Roll
Wander away for 1 turn
Stand confused for 1 round
Attack nearest creature for 1 round
Act as though they were somewhere else, for example at a king's court, at an inn carousing, or perhaps at home having a bath, per Dungeon Master discretion

The affected character must make an additional saving throw at -2 each round, unless they are caused to "wander away for 1 turn" in which case they will go as far away from the room as is possible in one turn of normal movement, as conditions permit. Confused persons act according to the table of actions shown above, but saving throws and actions are checked at the beginning of each round.

If the character makes his or her saving throw, they will receive a strong sense of purpose and that they know exactly the right way to proceed. The affected character and anyone with him or her will not be subject to random encounter rolls for the next 12 hours. Furthermore, they will have an uncanny sixth sense for the same length of time, spotting secret doors or concealed doors on a 4 in 6 chance just by passing by, or a 7 in 8 chance if actively searching.

Pink heartfruit is magenta in color and has the characteristic shape of a 'romantic' heart, not a body organ. It tastes like stewed turnips, oddly. Consuming the fruit causes an effect identical to that of having the first level magic-user spell friends cast on them, but the duration will be 1d4 days. Note that in this case, it is not the one who eats the fruit who makes the saving throw, but instead everyone who encounters them.

Yellow moonfruit is crescent-shaped with the color, taste, and consistency of banana. Eating it immediately causes deep sleep (except for elves and half-elves who have their normal resistance) and calls for a saving throw versus spells. Those who succeed in their saving throw will experience pleasant dreams and awake within one hour, completely refreshed (full hit points). Those who fail will experience horrific nightmares and will lose 1d4 points of constitution, which can be regained naturally at the rate of 1 per day.

The benefits or ill effects of each fruit will only be received by the first person taking a bite. The trees enjoy water through a system of pipes and drains fed into their pots from below. The trees can be removed from the room by force, but will wither and die without bearing any more fruit within 1d4 days. The fruits may also be taken from the room, but begin rotting and lose potency after 1d6+6 hours.

If the room is left and reentered at a later date (at least one day of separation), there is a 10% chance for each tree that it has grown a replacement fruit, if one has been eaten. Each can only grow up to one fruit at a time.

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