Tuesday, June 16, 2015


1 LANDING. The green stone walls are carved with thousands of demonic faces ranging in size between those fit for an infant to those that would suit an ogre. A continual light globe is attached to each corner of the central pillar housing the staircase from Area 23 of the Third Floor. The keystone above the arch to the stairwell is decorated by the face of a bearded man. The door to the northwest is heavy and bound with iron, but is not difficult to open. It is decorated by the face of a gargoyle.

The secret doors are located behind the only two faces that have open gaping mouths. They can be opened by inserting a hand and forearm into the mouth and then twisting a handle in the back of the throat.

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  1. looking good already. Can't wait for when the dungeons get started on.
    Groaning Spirit