Wednesday, May 11, 2016


96 DOMESTIC CHAMBER. There is a 30% chance that the slorgon (see Room 94) will be here if she has not already been encountered and killed. Also, if wandering monsters are encountered in this room, there is a 95% chance it is the slorgon if she is still alive.

This room was used for menial duties by novice worm cultists. There are areas for cooking food, washing clothes, cleaning dishes and cutlery, and general cleaning supplies (brooms, mops, buckets, scrubbing brushes, etc.) There is a large sink with running cold water on the east wall. A large fireplace is against the south wall, large enough to crawl into. A secret door is located behind the back of the fireplace leading to Corridor 97.

This room was also used to store food and there are opened sacks of grain and tins of meat near the west wall. The slorgon likes to gorge herself on the meat, even if it is rancid, and she opened the grain sacks on purpose to attract delicious vermin to the room.

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