Tuesday, May 10, 2016


95 CULT LIBRARY. This room is a favorite of the slorgon (see Room 94), and there is a 50% chance she will be here if she is still alive. Also, if wandering monsters are encountered in this room, there is a 95% chance it is the slorgon (again unless she has been killed).

This room holds thousands of scrolls, placed in wooden cubbies along the walls which extend all the way to the twelve foot high ceiling. Ladders on runners are present to assist in retrieving the scrolls.

The vast number of scrolls have to do with history of the cult, or cult-related topics. Many others are simple prayers and invocations to the Worm God. Extensive searching (several turns) may reveal four magic scrolls. Figure 10% chance of finding a spell scroll per person searching per turn.

  • Scroll 1 Cleric scroll: Cure Serious Wounds, Detect Charm, Detect Lie, Sanctuary

  • Scroll 2 Protection from Possession

  • Scroll 3 Cleric scroll: Locate Object, True Seeing

  • Scroll 4 Map: This is a treasure map which describes the route to an ancient and ruined temple to the Worm God. It is actually the site depicted on the mural in Room 89 in which Ormond Triskelion first became enamored of the cult. The place is about 50 miles northeast of the Castle.


  1. Are you planning to revisit the ruined temple as a side adventure somewhere down the line? I certainly hope you will do it.
    Groaning Spirit