Friday, May 27, 2016


108 TORTURE CHAMBER. At first glance this room appears to be abandoned. All of the usual implements of torture are here: tongue tearers, iron maidens, Judas chairs, thumb screws, etc. In the southwest corner is a bizarre scene. One zombie is strapped to a rack, while another is turning the gears. The zombie on the rack has long ago had his legs and arms torn off and merely thrashes about slowly.

Torturer Zombie (AC 8; MV 6"; HD 2; hp 16; #AT 1; D 1-8; SA Always lose initiative; SD Limited spell immunity; XP 52)

The recumbent zombie can be destroyed easily. It cannot attack effectively and is worth no experience points.

The secret door in the north wall is located within a false iron maiden. In order to open it, the delver must first actually climb inside the torture device and press down on the spikes in the back. The back of the maiden will then slide sideways exposing the passage to Room 109.

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