Monday, May 9, 2016


94 CLERICS' CHAMBER. There is a 20% chance that the Slorgon will be here, as this is one of the rooms that she regularly frequents.

The Slorgon (AC 5; MV 9”; HD 6; hp 32; #AT 1; D 1-6; SA Paralysis, poison; Size M; XP 917)

The slorgon is rumored by the worm cultists to be a slagworm which gorged on a dead medusa and which was nursed on unholy water. She is considered to be a sacred creature by the local cultists, who have ceded Rooms 94 to 96 for her.

Her lower body is that of a great gray worm or snake. She has two human-like arms with normal hands, but lacks a human-like neck, her head being attached to her womanish torso in the same way that a snake's is. She has a great fanged mouth and instead of hair, her head is covered with worm-like growths, each about the size of a snake and having a mouth of its own. The slorgon has no eyes, but this does not affect her ability to fight. Those who gaze upon her horrid form must save vs paralysis or be held immobile by fascination and disgust for 2d6 rounds. She attacks only in melee, where she allows her head-full of venomous growths to bite a victim. These carry a deadly poison (save or die).

This room was originally used as a sleeping chamber for the cult's clerics. There are ten beds and a large wardrobe holding about a dozen gray robes decorated with worm inspired designs on the trim and two robes made of cloth-of-gold worth 200 gold crescents each.

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