Friday, May 20, 2016


103B VENDING MACHINE. Against the wall, there is a large orange metal box, eight feet high by four feet wide by three feet long. It is labeled 'VENDING' in big stylized letters. It has a coin slot near the top and eight unlabeled buttons. Inserting a gold crescent and pushing a button will dispense one of the following items in a tray at knee level.

Item Dispensed
A shot of wheat grass in a shot glass
Beef Jerky
A raw egg
Protein shake in a paper cup with a paper lid and a straw
Fruit (roll 1d6: 1=apple, 2=orange, 3=banana, 4=mango, 5=peach, 6=DM's choice)
Vegetable (roll 1d4: 1=broccoli, 2= carrots, 3=potato, 4=DM's choice)
Flavored electrolyte drink (roll 1d10: 1-4 cool blueberry, 5-6 fantastic fruit punch, 7-9 sizzling strawberry, 10=mystery mash, roll for random potion which will have one dose)
A pseudo-dragon (50%) or a jousting wasp (50%). The pseudo-dragon will say hello then fly to Area 103D. The jousting wasp will probably attack.

Pseudo-dragon (AC 2; MV 6”/24”; HD 2; #AT 1 bite; D 1-3; SA +4 to hit with poison sting; SD Chameleon power, see invisible; MR 35%; XP 200 + 2/hp)

Jousting Wasp (AC 5; MV 3”/15”; HD 1-4 hit points; #AT 1 sting; D 1-2; SA Attack as 4 HD monster on first attack; XP 5 +1/hp)

The bodybuilders at 103A have figured out a way to game the vending machine. If it is slapped and tapped in a certain sequence in its middle it will dispense without the coin being necessary. The bodybuilders also know what each button will dispense.

The vending machine can be broken or torn open using a crowbar, great strength, etc. Doing so will reveal the inside is hollow (there is no food, drink, or coins to be found!) and will cause the machine to stop functioning. This will greatly upset the bodybuilders, who depend on the vending machine for snacks.

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