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This is a smoky gray crystal ornament in the shape of a tear, about the size of a plum. A hole near the tip allows it to be strung as a necklace and worn about the neck. It is actually a special receptacle similar to a magic jar spell. The life force of Karnath Zhul is trapped within it and if the item is worn as it necklace, it has the following attributes:

  • Affords the wearer a magic resistance of 10%.
  • Wearer can cast one first level cleric spell per day, in addition to any normal spell use. This spell must be a reversed spell (such as cause light wounds) if the chosen spell is capable of being reversed.
  • Wearer can only see in shades of gray.

The wearer is subject to hearing faint voices suggesting he or she visit the room where Karnath's body is and return Karnath to it. On occasion this will occur at inopportune times and can be distracting. Karnath Zhul is quested to seek the return of his soul to his body in Room 69 on the Third Level of The Upper Dungeons of Castle Triskelion. He would prefer to be freed of this quest.

If telepathy or a similar technique is used, the wearer can communicate directly with Karnath Zhul, who will attempt to convert the wearer to the Worm Cult. He is very persuasive, but the persuasion is not magical. He has all the knowledge he possessed in life. He is a lawful evil human 12th level Cleric of the Worm God (I 13, W 16, CH 18).
If Karnath Zhul is somehow freed from this imprisonment and given a new body, he will continue where he left off in establishing a new home for the Cult of the Great Gray Worm. When acting the persona of Karnath Zhul recall that he was a religious zealot who was willing to swallow a gray worm knowing it would eat his brain and that he was tortured horribly before his soul was drawn forcibly from his body.

If the Gray Tear is placed on Karnath Zhul's chest cavity in the dungeon, it will crumble to gray slime and his body will animate as a mummy and serve the one who placed it there (see Room 69 Upper Dungeons Level Three).

XP VALUE: 1,000

GP VALUE: 4,000

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