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109 THE PRISONER. This smallish room has a vaulted ceiling with a height of twenty five feet. Suspended by his feet with rope and in temporal stasis is a man with a black bag over his head. His head is about five feet above the ground an he wears only a simple cloth undergarment.

This is Alcadon Triskelion, a formidable freelance thief who angered his magic-user cousin Auguste by stealing his wealth and his lady's heart. Auguste used arcane means to find Alcadon and had him captured and imprisoned. He stashed him here, planning on torturing Alcadon to death, but the crisis happened in the Castle and so the master thief was forgotten.

Alcadon Triskelion, Neutral male human Thief (AC 6; MV 12”; T17; hp 14 (normally 50); #AT 1; D By Weapon Type; S 11, I 17, W 9, D 19, C 14, Ch 17; XP 4900 (normally 5800))

Thief skills
PP 140%, OL 119% F/RT 109% MS 111% HS 111% HN 55% CW 99.7% RL 80%

Alcadon is a man of about thirty years with bright orange hair. He is an unabashed scoundrel but also has a sense of honor. If rescued, he will thank the delvers and explain he has an important meeting that he has to attend to. He has contacts (and residences) in Sarcoy, however, and he will reward each member of the party with a sum of 5000 gold crescents in the near future. If he has been particularly well treated (healing, etc.) he will make sure that he gives the adventurers a more princely gift involving a class appropriate magic item as well. From that point on he may become a patron of sorts for the characters, giving hints or advice through an intermediary on rare occasions, at the discretion of the Dungeon Master.

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