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24B REST IN PIECES. The door to this room is locked and trapped; any attempt to pick the lock will result in 4d6 electrical damage unless it is discovered and disarmed. The key from Room 24A will automatically disarm the trap.

The room was once a bedroom but was converted into a laboratory of sorts. Any bedroom furnishings are long gone, replaced by large metal boxes and strange equipment, including a very visible and operational Jacob's ladder. On top of six of the metal boxes there is a body part under a glass casing. In the center of the room is a larger metal surgical table.

The body parts all belong to the same person, a human female. They are a head (her black hair is teased up in a beehive style with streaks of white a la 'Bride of Frankenstein'), a torso, two arms, and two legs. The body parts are literally screwed into the tables, which are feeding them a low level dose of electrical energy. If care is taken to remove the body parts without touching the table, no harm is done. The chance of touching the table in 5 in 6 if the person does not specifically say they are avoiding this. If the person does indicate they are taken care to avoid touching the table, they must roll a 1d20, and will only have accidentally touched it on a '1'.

If the metal table is touched, the individual will receive a mild shock for 1d3 damage and must save versus paralyzation or be rendered immobile for one turn. Those in metal armor will save at -4 on their rolls.

The body parts can be reassembled, actually a simple process involving merely screwing the pieces together. The result is a person identical in most respects to a flesh golem.

Electra Mallerion (AC 9; MV 8”; HD 9; hp 40; #AT 2; D 2-16/2-16; SD Magic weapons to hit; immunity to most spells; S 19, I 8, W 7, D 9, C 19, Ch 16; XP 2380)

Electra is a special case of flesh golem, as her intelligence score, though modest, is above the normal. Physically, her new state cannot disguise that she was a very attractive woman. Electra, as befits the bride of the death-obsessed Zarkov, is a rather gloomy individual.

Electra was Zarkov's bride, but she was poisoned by a rival spurned suitor. Zarkov, an accomplished practitioner of magic, decided to not merely return his love to life, but to improve her so she could not be so easily harmed again. He turned her into a flesh golem and left her here to slowly build up charge until he could return to reassemble her. Circumstances got in his way and he has not been to this room in the last three years.

Electra will be grateful is reassembled. As a rather refined (though gloomy) noblewoman she dislikes physical confrontation, but her new state has made her a very effective combatant. She will prefer to stay here, waiting for Zarkov to return to her, but if the adventurer's consent she will give them a item to enable them to find Zarkov and let him know that she is waiting for him.

In the base of the metal box that held the head, there is a secret compartment. Zarkov programmed knowledge of this into Electra's head. She can open the door to this without being harmed. Inside are a bag of rubies (10 worth 250 gold crescents each), a magic user scroll with protection from normal missiles and geas, and an amber amulet (value 2000 gold crescents) that is enchanted to glow when it is brought within 100 feet of its twin, in the possession of Zarkov. Electra will give all these items to the adventurers who reassemble her, in hopes they will return Zarkov to her.

Of course, it would be possible to find the treasure without bothering to reassemble Electra. All that would need to be done is to find the secret compartment and open it without getting shocked.

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