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3D SPINNING ROOM. The room is not spinning. It is a room for spinning, sewing, embroidery, and knitting, and examples of that craft are strewn, hung, and placed about the room. Three persons are here. A very, very old woman is spinning at an antique treadle wheel. Playing at her feet are two human children.

The room contains looms, spinning wheels, baskets of yarn of every color, knitting needles, sewing baskets, and similar items. There are enough comfortable armchairs to seat every party member. The walls are lined by built-in bookcases containing thousands of books.

The old woman is Mother Serena, the Petty Goddess of Spinning Yarn and Spinning Yarns. The children are her servitors.

Mother Serena, Petty Goddess (AC 0; MV 12”; HD 89 hit points; #AT 1; D 0; SA Standard divine abilities, attack as 16+ hit die monster, steal shadow; SD Limited spell immunity; Psionic Ability VI;MR 40%; S 10, I 20, W 16, D 12, C 18, Ch 11; XP 16270)

Mother Serena wears a white toga and wears a white towel wrapped around her head. She has the same powers as a Demigod (see Deities and Demigods, page 8). As a special ability, if she touches a person (consider it a “to hit” roll) she can steal their shadow unless they save vs spells as -4. The stolen shadow now acts like the monster 'shadow' but has a neutral alignment and has the same shape as the person it was stolen from. It will serve Mother Serena without question. She cannot be affected by spells which attempt to coerce her or change her mental state (charm, command, suggestion, etc.)

Mother Serena is of Neutral alignment. Normally, she is fairly amiable. She cannot abide rudeness or lack of deference but will reward those who amuse her.

Lord Wessels and Lady Jane (AC 2; MV 12”; HD 10; hp 50 each; #AT 1; D By weapon type; SD Limited spell immunity; Psionic Ability VI; MR 20%; S 8, I 14, W 10, D 18, C 18, Ch 17; XP 2800 each)

Lord Wessels and Lady Jane are immortal supernatural minions, but look and act like seven year old children. Like their deity, they wear white togas. Wessels always rides a hobby horse, and carries a toy wooden sword, which acts like a short sword +3 of sharpness when he wields it and which is non-magical when he doesn't. Lady Jane carries a large rainbow colored feather. When she wields her feather as a weapon it strikes as a footman's mace +2 and will knock an opponent prone unless they save vs petrification. They are immune to the same types of mind-affecting magic as Mother Serena.

Despite spinning and producing yarn, Mother Serena does not appear to require any fibers. She can use light, darkness, shadows, water, fire, or even air as her raw materials. Mother Serena considers herself as the hostess for the party. She will introduce herself and ask each party member for a story. Everyone in her presence will instinctively know that the correct way to address her is 'grandmother' .

If the characters comply with her request and tell her stories, she will reward them based on how good the story was. The Dungeon Master should use his or her own judgment when grading stories.

Gifts will be related to clothing, as befits Mother Serena's sphere of influence. Here is a list of suggested gifts is order from more beneficial (for the best stories) to mundane (for poor or uninspired stories).

Knitted Cap of Thought Protection: This item acts like a mind blank spell. Can be worn for up to eight hours a day, after which time it gets itchy and must be removed. Worth 7000 gold crescents.

Long Johns of Warmth: These undergarments act like a ring of warmth, worth 5000 gold crescents

Parachute Pants: When falling, they expand out like a hoop skirt and act like a feather fall spell. Cannot be worn with armor. Worth 4,500 gold crescents.

Cloak of Inaudibility: The wearer is completely silent (and effectively mute). Worth 2000 gold crescents.

Mittens of Bugbear Strength: Confers a strength of 17 for the hands only. Useless to those who already have strength of 17 or greater. Worth 2000 gold crescents.

Silver Sewing Needle: On command turns into a silver dagger. Worth 1000 gold crescents.

Scarf of Life Saving: Protects against death magic or energy drain one time only, then falls apart. Worth 1000 gold crescents.

Gold Sweater: Sweater sewn of cloth-of-gold, worth 200 gold crescents.

Nice Woven Belt: With elaborate gold buckle, 75 gold crescents.

Purple Sash: Stylish samite, worth 35 gold crescents.

Handkerchief: Dyed in character's favorite color and monogrammed, 2 gold crescent value.

Spun Hemp Rope: 60 feet worth, worth 5 silver spanners.

Arghh Isle Socks: Warm socks with the traditional tartan pattern of the famous Isle of Arghh, worth 4 silver spanners.

Thimble: Worth a copper piece.

At appropriate times Wessels and Jane will clap, laugh, and otherwise respond appropriately to stories. After the storytelling Mother Serena will escort the party to Room 3B and teleport them to their destination of choice using her magic mirror.

If the characters refuse to tell stories, tell very poor or rude stories, or fight her, she will be much less accommodating. In the case of violence, she will respond in kind. Otherwise, she will simply not give a gift and let the adventurers find their own way out.

The books contain fictional stories, not histories. Those are not under Mother Serena's purview nor is she interested in them. Some of the books are not books at all. Older works are written on scrolls. The oldest are clay tablets.

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