Thursday, February 4, 2016


3A MYSTERIOUS ROOM. This room can be reached by descending the ladder from Room 3.  Its floor is about thirty feet southeast of Room 3 and the ceiling is about fourteen feet or so.  The Dungeon Master should note the compass rose associated with the map, because the gravity in Rooms 3A to 3D are at at 90 degrees to the rest of the level. On the compass rose the actual directions (up, southwest, etc.) are given.

The room has a dusty smell, and the air feels warm and closed-in, as if it has not been breathed or stirred in a long time. The very walls of the room give off a soft glow, but other sources of light (torches, lanterns, magical light sources, etc.) will appear unusually dim, as though some effect is muting them.  A muttering, mumbling sound can be heard from the 'down' direction (Area 3C). 

The room is filled with large boxes and chests, all of which contain normal female clothing, towels, bedsheets, and similar domestic items.

A shadow is hiding in the room, and will be emboldened to attack if the party spends more than a few minutes searching the containers.

Shadow (AC 7; MV 12”; HD 3+3; hp 14; #AT 1; D 2-5; SA Strength drain; SD Magic weapon to hit, limited spell immunity; XP 311)

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