Friday, February 5, 2016


3B PARLOR. The shallow, broad stairs only ascend five feet or so. This room is decorated as a parlor, with fine, if old-fashioned, furniture and decorations complete with wallpaper. The floor is carpeted. A very large mirror hangs on the southwest wall.

The mirror is magical, sentient, and capable of speech (I 17, W 16, Ch 15). It can communicate by darkening and then creating a face on its surface, which it then uses to talk. It can scry (as the magic item crystal ball) and teleport those who walk through it (as the spell teleport without error) but only if it agrees to do so. The mirror is of neutral alignment and will not normally bring attention to itself by displaying its fabulous properties. It cannot be removed from the wall without damaging it (and thereby ruining its magic) or by use of a wish spell.

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