Wednesday, February 3, 2016


3 FLASK GRAVITY WELL ROOM. This room has the shape of a truncated cone or Erlenmeyer flask. The walls, floor, and ceiling pull away in a curved fashion so the wall opposite the entrance is a circle with a diameter of about forty feet. A skeleton in rusty chain mail armor appears to be pinned to the opposite wall, about ten feet off the floor. Arranged concentrically about the room are large raised stone letters.

About thirty feet from the wall, at the junction between the neck and body of the room, there is an abrupt shift in gravity of 90 degrees. The skeleton is not really pinned to the wall, it is lying at rest relative to the shifted gravity. Anyone who unwarily enters the room will fall the thirty feet taking 3d6 damage. Adventurers in the second rank can save vs petrification to stop themselves in time and avoid the fall. If adventurers in the second rank do fall, they have a 1 in 6 chance of landing on a person already at the bottom, doing an additional 2d6 damage to the unfortunate. They will, however, themselves only sustain 2d6 damage, as their landing will be somewhat softened.

The raised stone letters are R, C, O, T, D, R, S, E, O, and E. If they are pressed in order of 'SECRET DOOR' (the 'R', 'O', and 'E' are duplicates and can be pressed in either order), the secret trap door in the floor will open with a loud groan , allowing descent into Room 3A through a ladder.

The skeleton is an unremarkable victim. The body has a sheathed long sword and a pouch holding 29 silver spanners and 16 copper pieces.

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