Saturday, February 6, 2016


3C HALL OF HEADS. The walls of this corridor are decorated by a dozen low-relief stone faces on each wall. Each face is that of a bald man with a tiny moustache and slightly overlarge mouth, yet curiously no two faces are exactly the same. These works of art are animated and muttering to themselves under their breath, the words completely unintelligible. As the last of the party passes the first pair of faces, this pair will emerge from the wall, now strangely malleable in its nature, and extend as fully formed heads, which will then blow the party members towards Room 3D.

As the party members are moved towards Room 3D, more and more heads will take up the act, until they are all engaged. The force of the heads cannot be resisted by normal means, though characters with giant strength (19 or higher) may resist if they have grabbed onto something (such as a length of rope tied to the ladder in Room 3A). Other characters may resist the force by sundry methods (teleportation, web, etc.) too numerous to be listed. The characters only have 10 segments to enact any plans while being whisked down the corridor, however. Determination of success rests with the judgment of the Dungeon Master.

In any case, the wind does no harm, and upon being ejected into Room 3D all characters will find themselves safe and sound. Upon completion of their duty, the heads will return to the walls and their muttering.

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