Wednesday, February 17, 2016


13 STORAGE ROOM. This room holds weapons, scraps of armor, and food. Most of the food consists of dungeon fauna (rats, beetles, etc.) and is not proper food for humans, though the slaves are forced to eat it anyway. There are seven metal tins holding salted pork and eight holding smoked fish. There are 212 flasks of lamp oil and four large crates, each holding about three hundred candles. In addition there are seven large barrels holding small beer.

Hanging on pegs (actually iron spikes drilled into the walls) are the following items of martial nature:

6 light crossbows
Cases holding a total of 98 light crossbow bolts
4 halberds
12 short swords
3 footman's flails
3 battle axes
7 spears
5 shields

The weapons are poorly cared for and the metal bits are a bit rusty. The shields are decorated with ram skull designs. The tribe was formerly known as the Horned Skulls and their symbol was the ram skull and horns.

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