Tuesday, March 15, 2016


39 MONSTER IN THE CLOSET. This room is under continual darkness. The inhabitant is a horrible undead thing. It has a body like that of a centaur, skeletal in its hindquarters but zombie-like flesh in the front horse portion and humanoid torso. Its head is a blot of darkness and each man-like arm terminates in inky darkness as well. It smells like a rotting corpse.

The Monster In The Closet (AC 5; MV 18”; HD 4; hp 21; #AT 2 hands; D 1-6 + 1-6 cold damage; SA Fear; SD Limited spell immunity; XP 259)

All who view this creature must save vs spells. Those who fail will be under its fear influence and attack at -4 to hit for the duration of the encounter (their hands are shaking so hard they have a difficult time fighting). Spell casters under the influence of this effect have a 20% chance of spell failure when using spells requiring somatic component (this is additive with spell failure percent for low wisdom clerics). The monster is immune to cold and spells which affect the mind (such as hold, sleep, charm, etc.) As long as the bugbear skeleton in Room 38 plays its bone flute, the Monster will be at +2 to hit and damage and cannot be turned. When and if the bugbear skeleton is silenced it will lose the combat advantage and may be turned as a wraith. If it is defeated the darkness over its head and hands will disappear revealing that there is nothing there. It will then putrefy and rot at an accelerated rate, leaving only a foul grease stain outlined in its shape.

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