Tuesday, March 8, 2016


32 THE PRISONER IN THE PRISM. The entrance to this room from Area 31 is actually difficult to negotiate, due to the ceiling collapse in the broad hall. Each character trying the path must roll below their dexterity on a 1d20. Gnomes, halflings, and similar small folk get a -2 to improve their roll. Success means a safe passage. Failure means that a small rock slide has occurred with 1d6 damage accruing. Each failure causes a +1 modifier to all subsequent attempts, cumulative. Rolls must be performed for traveling in and out. Obviously flying, levitating, teleporting and similar tricks will obviate the need for the roll.

Within the chamber is a rectangular glass monolith. It is hollow and contains colored sand in beautiful patterns. Difficult to see, a magic circle is etched into the glass. 
This rectangular prism is actually the magical prison of an invisible wind walker. The creature was placed here decades ago to amuse a bored Triskelion magic-user, who then promptly forgot about it when its sand patterns stopped amusing her. It aches to be free and will try to convince any who chance upon it to break its glass and let it out.

Wind Walker (AC 7; MV 15”/30”; HD 6+3; hp 32; #AT 1; D 3-18; SA Attack does damage to all within 1” who are hit; SD Telepathic, ethereal, limited immunity to spells, magic; XP 831)

The magical symbol on the glass prevents the wind walker from using its telepathy to contact the adventurers, but it will use the sand to form words and do its best to enable its release. If it is freed (simply breaking the glass will do), it will perform one service (such as carrying a message, scouting an area, or taking part in one combat) before returning to its home on the Elemental Plane of Air.

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