Monday, March 21, 2016


45 HALL OF TROPHIES. This long room holds mounted heads and numerous shelves holding assorted bric-a-brac, the relics of hundreds of battles. In addition to a lot of useless broken weapons and monstrous body parts there are the following items of value:

  • An idol of Bulg, the god of beastmen. This item was stolen from the Broken Blade orcs. It is made of silver, stands three feet high and resembles a pig-faced entity with ram's horns and heroically muscular proportions. The idol is worth 3000 gold crescents to a man, but is priceless to the orcs of the Broken Blade.
  • A dozen silver arrows in a quiver of fine leather embossed with silver filigree (quiver worth 60 gold crescents).
  • A rare book on herbology “Prenzur's Paradoxical Plants”. Any druid of level three or higher can comprehend the details of this work and they will gain 2000 experience points after studying it for a week. Worth at least 500 gold crescents to a druid or sage interested in flora.
  • A human skeleton hanging on a makeshift wooden frame. It is wearing antique bronze plate armor worth 1500 gold crescents and weighing 480 gp weight.

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