Wednesday, March 30, 2016


This staff is made of wood and tipped with a metal ornament resembling a nozzle. It is striped in green and red. It can be used to strike in combat, treat as a quarterstaff +1, or it can shoot out a sticky, sweet, bright orange taffy that can be used to entangle creatures.

The discharge resembles a web spell, cast at the 8th level of proficiency, having a range of 4”.

Like the web spell, the taffy covers an area of up to 8 cubic inches. The taffy must be at least 1" thick, so a mass 4" high, 2" wide, and 1" deep may be created. Creatures caught within the taffy, or simply touching it, become stuck amongst the delightful candy. Creatures with less than 13 strength must remain fast until freed by another or until they eat their way out after eight turns. Creatures with strength between 13 and 17 can break through 1' of taffy per turn. Creatures with 18 or greater strength break through 1' of taffy per round. Strong and huge creatures will break through 1' of taffy per segment. Unlike webs, the taffy is not flammable and does not cause suffocation.

Creatures within the area of effect may make a saving throw vs rod, staff, or wand at -2. If the saving throw is made, two results may have occurred. If the creature has room to escape then it is assumed to have jumped free. If there is no room to escape then the taffy is only ½ strength.

This staff may not be recharged, When all of its charges are expended it turns into a big candy cane.

XP VALUE: 3,000

GP VALUE: 6,500

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