Wednesday, March 9, 2016


33 RUBBLE FILLED ROOM. The steep stairs descend 25 feet from Corridor 31 to Room 33. As the stairs are descended the staircase will gets progressively colder, until it is well below freezing at the bottom. The stairs are slippery with ice and negotiating the last ten steps, up or down, requires a saving throw vs petrification to avoid slipping and falling, dealing 1d4 damage as the character crashes to the floor of Room 33. Thieves, assassins, monks, and bards can use their unadjusted climb walls skill first to handle the stairs. Only if they fail the climb walls skill do they need to make the saving throw. Naturally, judicious use of rope and iron spikes, magical flying, or various other means could be used to negotiate the stairs safely, without requiring a saving throw. 

Within, the floor is covered with rocks and debris. A vast hole is present in the ceiling, located about thirty five feet above the floor. This gulf leads to Room 43E of Level Two of the Upper Dungeons. The low temperature in this room will cause 1d4 damage per turn spent here, or 1d4+2 to those in metal armor, unless the individual is protected by heavy clothing or is otherwise protected from cold.

Each turn spent searching the rubble will have a 10% chance per person searching of discovering a valuable item trapped under the fragments of stone. There are four such items. They are:
  • A necklace of proof against paralysis on the broken statue of a woman
  • A small unlocked metal box holding 35 moonstones, each worth 10 gold crescents
  • A golden idol of a squat winged bat headed creature, worth 5000 gold crescents and weighing about 250 gp weight
  • A Tome of leadership and influence

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