Thursday, March 17, 2016


41 FORGOTTEN ROOM. As this room is approached from either the north or south direction, every party member must make a saving throw versus spells at -2. Those who fail the saving throw will walk through the room but believe they have passed through a single long straight corridor, arriving in either Room 38 or 51, depending on their direction of travel.

Those who make their saving throw will realize that there is a rather large room here. The floor is thick with dust, except for a well traveled straight path between the archways. One painting is on each wall (each signed by Patrizio, of course). These are magical one way portals to other places. Coming into contact with the painting surface will transport the individual to that site.

The north painting shows a beautiful forest scene. It leads to the glade, Area 6, in the Forest Perilous in the Grounds.

The east painting shows a huge tripartite Triskelion Statue. It leads to Room 4 on the Ground Level of the Outer Ward.

The south painting shows a throne room lit by red light. There are two thrones flanked by man-sized tripartite Triskelion statues. It leads to Room 48 of Dungeon Level 13, The Red Halls.

The west painting shows a large crystal statue of a vaguely man-like shape in a room whose walls are all mirrors. It leads to the Magic Mirror Level, Room 4.

Each time the room is approached from either direction, a person must make a new saving throw at -2 to find the forgotten room. If they fail they will have forgotten the room exists and pass it by as if they had never found it in the first place. Of course, they may pass this way again and find the room again, in which case they will find their old memories of having been here before.

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  1. This is a nice preview showing what's to come. surprised and pleased at the fact that we have 13 main dungeon levels and god knows how many side areas. Honestly cannot wait to see what's coming next once the 3rd floor is mapped out.
    Groaning Spirit