Friday, April 29, 2016


84 RELIQUARY. This room holds three stone tables. One each against the east, south, and west walls. Each is draped with gray cloths, decorated with interweaving worm designs.

The east table holds a unholy water font of silver, gold, ivory, and fine wood and a basin made of silver and gold. The basin is worth 9000 gold crescents and weighs 100 gp weight. The font is worth 1000 gold crescents and weighs 800 gp weight. The basin currently holds 7 vials of unholy water, but it can fit up to 18 vials. Ten specially leaded vials are here, made for holding holy or unholy water and worth 3 gold crescents each.

The south table is larger than the other two and holds a large gray painted statue of a worm with a fanged mouth at each end. Four emeralds are attached to the structure, two for each head, as if to act as eyes. This statue will animate if touched, becoming a gray skinned snake-like creature resembling and attacking as a giant amphisbaena snake.

Man Sized Two Headed Worm Statue (AC 3; MV 12”; HD 6; hp 23; #AT 2 bites; D 1-3/ 1-3; SA Poison; SD Not harmed by cold; XP 613)

If the beast is killed it will return to being a stone statue. The emeralds are worth 350 gold crescents each.

The west table holds a stone statue of a cross-legged extremely obese stylized human figure. It is not painted gray like the many other statues in the area, but is made of a bluish-gray solid stone. The breasts are large and not well-defined. Ormond Triskelion discovered this item during his travels, and he noticed that when he put it on the ground it attracted large amounts of earthworms. He figured it was a sacred item and brought it here. It is actually a druidic magic item, a mytholith.

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