Thursday, April 21, 2016

Updating Maps, New Level PDF Expected Soon, Links to Castle Triskelion

I will be fixing the maps to the right. I am creating blogger pages so that the maps should be easier to open. Every time I open up photobucket it takes forever. Now all you will have to do is click on the map and 'view image' on your browser. You should be able to download the maps. Let me know if it isn't working out. All the Upper Dungeons are fixed already.

When I finish this level, there will be a Sublevel 3A, then I'm going to The Grounds, which is like the back yard of the Castle.

& Magazine and I have been working on putting out more pdfs for the Inner Ward. I really appreciate Brian and Handley's work. I realize that they are spending a tremendous amount of their time putting out a free magazine and I hope it is as appreciated by the rest of the OSR (and mainstream RPG) community as much as it is by me. I'll let you know as we get closer to finishing the editing and are ready to post it at & Magazine.

Next, it has been already two months (!) since Jens at Disoriented Ranger sent me a shout out here. Thanks! I appreciate it so much. There are a couple of sites listing megadungeons that have linked me:

There's a few more out there. I apologize if I didn't link back to you.

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