Tuesday, April 5, 2016


60 SECRET ROOM. The secret door to this room is quite cunningly concealed from the great corridor. Most characters will half only half the normal chance of spotting it. Thus elves, for example, have only a 1 in 12 chance of spotting it as they walk by, or a 1 in 6 chance if actively searching for it. Dwarves, however, have a 1 in 6 chance of noticing it if they walk by, or a 2 in 6 chance if actively searching.

The mechanism for opening it involves a hidden switch inside one of the eyesockets of the monstrous faces that line the corridor. Once triggered, the door will move in and ascend due to a system of pulleys. This is fairly quiet, but will take several segments, giving the occupants of Room 60 plenty of warning. Thus, the four twilight dwarves within this room will not be surprised under normal circumstances.

Lorfleet Thungerbarbs (AC 5; MV 6”; F4; hp 18; #AT 1; D Broad sword or dagger; S 15, I 14, W 11, D 9, C 15, Ch 9; XP 180)

Lorfleet carries 14 gold mabans, 7 electrum lugdushes, 18 silver khurams, and 56 copper ganes.

3 Twilight Dwarf Guards (AC 5; MV 6”; F2; hp 7, 12, 8; #AT 1; D Footman's military pick or dagger; XP 56, 71, 59)

Each guard has both a pick and a dagger. Each carries 0-7 (1d8-1) mabans, 0-9 (1d10-1) lugdushes, 0-19 (1d20-1) khurams, and 1d100 ganes.

These guards are neutral in alignment and are not apt to act violently, unless attacked or the party includes obviously monstrous beings. They are here to guard the mines of the Twilight Dwarves, but are also open for trade with wealthy adventurers. If the party does not attack them, they will be willing to guide them down Corridor 61 to the caverns of the dwarves.

Against the north wall is a winch and crank system that opens the massive door at Area 59. It has not been used in the last three years.

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