Monday, April 25, 2016


This magic hammer may be wielded as a normal weapon, in which case it is +2 to hit and damage. Alternately, it can be used in the following fashion:

The wielder raises the hammer to their own eye level, says 'Tri-Hammer' loudly, and lets go of the weapon. This formal activation takes either one round or all surprise segments if the owner has gained surprise.

At this point, the hammer will magically triplicate itself. Each hammer will act independently of the owner and do one of the following:

  • The first is the parrying hammer, it effectively improves the owner's armor class by 1 as it intercepts attacks and hinders opponents.
  • The next is the melee hammer. It acts similar to a sword of dancing, striking as a +1 weapon as wielded by a 5 hit die monster. It stays within two feet of the owner at all times and does not need to return to the owner's hand.
  • The third is the hurled hammer. It acts by itself as a hurled +1 weapon, subject to the usual restrictions in range (short 1”, medium 2”, long 3”). It has a fire rate of once per round and returns to the vicinity of the owner after each attack before launching itself again. It also attacks as a 5 hit die monster.

The melee and hurled hammers will choose their own targets each round from among the owner's enemies. If the owner is not in melee or missile weapon range it is possible that one or both will remain idle. The owner does not need to concentrate in order for the Tri-Hammer to work, and may cast spells, engage in combat, and perform any other normal actions at the same time the Tri-Hammer is working.

XP VALUE: 7,000

GP VALUE: 36,000

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