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62 CHAPEL LOWER LEVEL. This room is one of the most sacred to the worm cultists and is a site of important rituals. It has been recently been occupied by three harpies. The worm cultists are planning on driving them out, when they get their succession issues resolved.

The harpies will begin singing when they notice the adventurers. They prefer to reside in the Upper Chapel (described as Room 65), and will wait as entranced adventurers climb the steep stairs fifteen feet up in order to deal with them. If this technique proves unsuccessful, they will engage the party in combat, attempting to touch and charm adventurers if possible.

Harpy 1 (AC 7; MV 6”/15”; HD 3; hp 17; #AT 2 claws and 1 weapon; D 1-3/1-3 and by weapon type; SA Singing & charm, missile weapon; XP 211)

Harpy 2 (AC 7; MV 6”/15”; HD 3; hp 14; #AT 2 claws and 1 weapon; D 1-3/1-3 and by weapon type; SA Singing & charm; XP 187)

Harpy 3 (AC 7; MV 6”/15”; HD 3; hp 13; #AT 2 claws and 1 weapon; D 1-3/1-3 and by weapon type; SA Singing & charm, missile weapon; XP 199)

These harpies have blue hair and purple-gray feathers. Their talons are bright yellow and their skin is dull gray. The first harpy has a short sword, a short bow and a quiver with six arrows and two arrows +1. The second has a scimitar and the third has a cleaver (treat as hand axe), a short bow and quiver with five arrows.

This room smells foul and the floor is littered with excrement, bones, and offal. The slightly arched ceiling is thirty feet high and radiates an unpleasant dull gray light that is enough to see by although it is uncomfortable the eyes, causing a dull ache after a few minutes. The two sets of steep stairs lead up fifteen feet to the Upper Chapel, as mentioned above. The walkways of Room 65 overlook the center of this room and are supported by numerous pillars. An additional eight pillars are present in the center of the room, reaching to the ceiling.

The walls are made of the same raised stucco-like substance with weird spiral designs found throughout the Church of the Worm. When not viewed directly, they appear to writhe and wriggle in a disquieting way.

The dais in the north portion of the room has an ornate gong with a hanging mallet. Behind the dais are scattered weapons and possessions belonging to doomed adventurers: a falchion, two longswords, three daggers, a lucern hammer, three normal shields, and scraps of armor. The stairs from the south ascend twenty five feet to Room 68 of Level 2.

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