Monday, April 18, 2016


73 CIRCULAR CHAMBER. This room looks much like Room 70. The ceiling is about twenty feet at the apex of its dome and there is a large, raised central statue. The room is unlit, however, and the floor is littered with corpses. Two groups appear to have struggled with each other and the bodies suffer from stab wounds and slashing cuts.

Seven of the corpses belong to men and women in heavy gray robes, not unlike those worn by the pilgrims in Room 70. Another five wear chain mail armor and great helms, like the cultists from Room 12, Upper Dungeons Level Two.

Each of the five chain mail wearing cultists has between 7 and 12 small gold cylinders, each worth one gold crescent. They appear to have been armed with scimitars. If their faces are examined, they will show the 'Kiss of the Worm God' stigmata. In death, the worms are not moving, of course.

The seven robe wearing cultists have daggers but wear no armor. Each has 5 to 14 (1d4+10) small gold cylinders. If these bodies are disturbed, however, their mouths will gape wide, and an otherwise quiescent gray wormpawn will slither out of their body. Once one worm has emerged, the others will do so on the next round. 

7 Gray Wormspawn (AC 7; MV 9”; HD 2+1; hp 12, 12, 15, 13, 6, 12, 7; #AT 1 bite; D 1-4; SA Drain blood for 4 hit points per round; XP 86, 86, 95, 89, 68, 86, 71) 

The great gray-painted statue in the center of the room is that of a large muscular man with his face showing worm-like lesions of the face above the mouth, like the 'Kiss of the Worm God'.

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