Friday, April 29, 2016


This magic statue is about one foot high and weighs about 300 gp weight. It resembles a heavy-set woman sitting cross-legged, with ill-defined face, large breasts, and upper extremities so faint as to be almost absent. It is made of a bluish-gray firm stone. This magic item may only be used by druids, it has the following properties:

  • Druids who carry this item with them can memorize and additional spell of levels 1 to 4, provided that they are of a level high enough to use a spell of that level. If the stone is not on their person (such as in a backpack or sack, or being held), these spells may not be used.
  • All spells cast by druids while the statue is on their person always act as though greater mistletoe is being used.
  • Owning the stone causes the druids head and body hair to fall out, including any beard hair if the druid has such. These will be replaced with fine green foliage resembling ferns or soft pine needles. Thereafter, the druid does not need to consume food while out in sunlight.
  • Owning the stone allows the druid to recover hit points at twice the usual natural rate.
  • When placed in a garden or on the earth, it attracts beneficial insects and other animals, such as worms. Plants in such a garden grow at an increased rate. Plant monsters regenearte hit points at the rate of 1 per turn while in such a blessed garden.
XP VALUE: 2,500

GP VALUE: 15,000

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