Tuesday, April 26, 2016


81 WASH ROOM OF THE DAMNED. One Orthodox cleric guards this room with two cultists and some undead servants. They are more wary of attacks by heretics coming from the east door than they are from intruders coming through the west door.

Wernogard the Fervent, Lawful Evil male human Cleric of the Worm God (AC 5; MV 9“; C3; hp 15; #AT 1; D Hammer; SA Spell use; SD Only surprised on a 1, see invisible; S 10, I 8, W 13, D 10, C 9, CH 3 (14 to Worm Cultists only); XP 185)

First Level Cleric Spells:
Cause Fear, Cure Light Wounds, Darkness

Second Level Cleric Spells:
Spiritual Hammer

2 Worm Face Cultists (AC 5; MV 9"; F2; hp 10 each; #AT 1; D Scimitar; SD Only surprised on a 1, see invisible; XP 65 each)

6 Worm Face Zombies (AC 5; MV 6"; HD 2; hp 5, 4, 7, 7, 12, 12; #AT 1; D Scimitar; SA Always lose initiative; SD Limited spell immunity; XP 30, 28, 34, 34, 44, 44)

Wernogard is dominating the zombies . He has 31 gold cylinders, each worth one gold crescent. He wears chain mail armor and a great helm and has the Kiss of the Worm God stigmata. He carries an extra hammer for the spiritual hammer spell and a cursed silver holy symbol of the worm god like the others seen in this area.

The cultists and zombies are armored the same as Wernogard. The cultists each have between 7 and 12 (1d6+6) small gold cylinders, while the zombies have no money.

The zombies have been raised from Orthodox cultists slain in combat. It may not be immediately apparent that they are zombies since they are armored and carry weapons. If the delvers pay attention to their appearance, however, they will note that the worms under their visors do not writhe, and each zombie has sustained severe wounds which are not bleeding. They are also slow.

The room is furnished as a bath room. There are four toilets near the north wall with working draw-pulls that flush away the contents very similar to a modern toilet. A large basin-like sink with running cold water is against the south wall.

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