Saturday, April 9, 2016


64 HARPIES' CHARMED SLAVES. Three men are here, victims of the harpies' charm ability. The harpies have been torturing them (see lowered hit points) and are going to eat them soon. If a party fights with the harpies in Room 62, but do not defeat them, the harpies are 75% likely to command these men the guard them against a repeat attack and move them to Room 62. If all three harpies have been killed before these men have been encountered, the men will be freed of the charm, otherwise they will resist violently those who try to take them away from the harpies, who they believe are sweet nymphs that they are in love with.

Gaucho, Jungo, and Caldomar, male human men-at-arms (AC 10; MV 12”; HD 4 to 7 hit points; hp 2, 1, 1, (normally 7, 5, 5); #AT 1; D By weapon type; XP 7, 6, 6 (normally 12, 10, 10))

Gaucho is Chaotic Neutral and wields a long sword. Jungo is Chaotic Good and has a spear and a dagger. Caldomar is Lawful Evil and has a military fork. They have given all their money to the harpies.

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