Friday, October 3, 2014


Y GREATER TREASURE CHAMBER. Two brown ratkin are assigned to guard this room. If they hear the sounds of combat in Room X, one will leave her post to investigate, taking a round to arrive.

2 Brown Ratkin Guards (AC 6; MV 12”//6”; HD 2; hp 6, 12; #AT 1 weapon or 1 bite; D Short sword or 1-4; SA Disease; XP 40, 52)

These ratkin are very loyal and guard the following valuables:

  • Seven silver goblets (2 gold crescents each) resting on an ornate throw rug (14 gold crescent value)
  • Four open chests holding 6093 silver spanners, and 414 gold crescents in mixed coin
  • A wooden box lined with blue felt and holding 5 (base 10 gold crescent) mottled blue azurite gems and 3 (base 50 gold crescent) pale yellow brown citrine gems.
  • A silver left hand prosthetic of exquisite workmanship, valued at 120 gold crescents
  • A pauldron from a suit of plate armor, but it is made of solid gold, valued at 425 gold crescents

The room height is nine feet, the floor is dry and sandy instead of rocky.

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