Monday, October 13, 2014


7 MASTER MASON'S ROOM. The door to this room is capable of being locked, but is not. This room once belonged to the master mason and his wife. The walls are decorated with woven hangings and the floors are dirty with grit. There is large bed near the north wall. Also present are a wardrobe, a freestanding mirror, and an unlit candelabra in each corner. A pair of dirty leather boots and a chisel are next to the door.

The bed is bowed in the center, as if it has been under a great weight. Sewed into the lining of one of the pillows are 13 gold crescents and 32 silver spanners.

A wardrobe hold plain and bright red festival clothes for both a woman and a man. All of the man's clothes are over-large, as if designed for an huge man while the woman's clothes are all sized to fit a halfling or gnome.

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