Wednesday, October 8, 2014


2 CHAPEL OF THE GRAY WORM. Upon entering this room from the secret door, the characters will immediately notice the wall-mounted fonts immediately to their right and left. They will also notice the seven large stained glass windows to the east, the high ceiling (34 feet), and the large statue to the south. Two huge candelabra constantly burn tall black candles in the southeast and southwest corners. They candles give off dim unpleasant light and an acrid smell. The floor, walls, and ceiling are all made of a dark red wood.

The fonts are also filled to the brim with unholy water.

Each window is decorated by a strange ropy pattern of grays, blues, purples, and greens which resemble the limbs of a octopus or the body of a worm or snake. If any of them are observed closely, the tiny figures of men and women appear to be struggling amongst the cords.

To the south is a strangely fleshy gray statue with a coiled shape. Upon closer observation, this appears to be a worm-like figure. If approached within ten feet, it will animate and attack as a giant constrictor snake.

Animated Worm Statue (AC 5; MV 9”; HD 6+1; hp 25; #AT 1 constrict; D 2-8; SA Constriction; XP 425)

It lacks a mouth but does have two gems for eyes, each a golden yellow topaz worth 300 gold crescents.

If the worm statue is destroyed, the unholy water fonts will run dry and the candles will burn out. Otherwise these effects will remain constant, though they will not work if removed from the room.

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