Monday, October 6, 2014


BB TOMB. A violet fungus is located about six feet from the entrance. The rich black earth of the floor is covered with a riot of multicolored mushrooms. A natural shelf along the southwest wall holds a stone sarcophagus.

Violet Fungus (AC 7; MV 1”; HD 3; hp 16; #AT 3; D Rotting poison; XP 199)

This particular fungus has three branches. Anyone struck by a branch must save versus poison. A failure to save causes death as the flesh-rotting poison overwhelms the body.

This room was used to inter the previous king, but the ratkin are foul creatures so it was eventually turned into a dumping place for trash, scraps, and other unwanted objects. With the deposition of so many items, many of which had an organic nature, fungal growths naturally took a liking to the area. The rats abandoned the area when the violet fungus made it completely inhospitable.

Within the sarcophagus is the mummified corpse of Trewkins's antecedent. The body has several striking irregularities. There are four forelimbs, two larger ones in the normal positions, and two tiny ones sticking out of the chest. The head is oversized in comparison to the body, and there are three tails. On the chest of the body is a golden crown (2500 gold crescent value) and one hand clutches an orb of office, actually a large pearl worth 900 gold crescents.

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